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The Lood project is creating fun and unique spaces for fans and adult content creators to interact online. We are a decentralized autonomous collective dedicated to the research and development of software to improve our industry for everyone.

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LOOD Airdrop Event

[p][/p] To celebrate being here, we are distributing 100 LOOD to 500 of the first people to join us in spreading the word on Twitter! To claim, you must have both a Twitter and MintMe account. See our introduction page for more information. [p][/p] Source: [url= https://twitter.com/loodcash/status/1545304339828310016?s=21]https://twitter.com/loodcash/status/1545304339828310016?s=21[/url]

Lood Links & Resources

[p][/p] LOOD Whitepaper [p][/p] LOOD on Telegram [p][/p] LOOD on Discord [p][/p] LOOD on Etherscan [p][/p] Website: Lood.Cash [p][/p] Data & Analytics [p][/p] Nomics [p][/p] Coinranking [p][/p] CoinSniper (vote for us!) [p][/p] Reports [p][/p] 2021-2022 (archived) [p][/p] Recent News [p][/p] Contact [p][/p]

Creating the First Adult Blockchain Game

Start a Business, Build an Empire! [p][/p] The upcoming Triple X Tycoon: Online is a multiplayer adult industry strategy game in which anyone will get to experience the highs and lows of the adult entertainment industry from behind the scenes. The game features random events that may effect the growth of your studio or hinder performers. [p][/p] [center][/center] [p][/p] Volatile consumer trends are the norm. Extravagant award shows are commonplace, even performers come and go as time pushes on in an industry that makes big money on erotic indulgence. Steer your company through the eras. Sabotage your competitors! But watch your own back. Be smart and you’ll have talent knocking down your door for a chance in the spotlight you created. . [p][/p] Continue reading