The Lood project is creating fun and unique spaces for fans and adult content creators to interact online. We are a decentralized autonomous collective dedicated to the research and development of software to improve our industry for everyone.

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07 Jul 2022
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20:08:14 03 Aug, 2023

A project dedicated to high-end NFTs will expand to focus on creating opportunities for erotica authors to reach new audiences using web3 technology. -- We were drawn to EROTICA because of its focus on the premium experience. And admittedly, because Lood as a project had been lacking an NFT component if not actively avoiding them altogether until now. As a collective we feel a responsibility to possibilities. So expect experiments. Especially around empowering authors. Since we feel there is plenty of work to be done in that space for the 18+ crowd. Don't worry there are no plans to scrap the NFTs. But they will require a new approach. The $EROTICA branding may be changed a bit to fit in around here too. Like what happened to $DICKcoinmoon. We're a motley crew. Welcome! Get token info:

19:07:48 17 Jul, 2023

This is going to sound riDICKulous but DICK ( is joining The Lood Company as a GameFi token based on Solana. We are also bringing ANAL back. Which has operated on a standalone blockchain since 2015 and will be re-introduced into Triple X Tycoon 2 as a native reward token. Gained mostly after winning awards in that category. So you’d better be good at it if you want any. About ANAL: Note: ANAL is currently listed on Yobit but we don’t recommend trading at this time due to the unstable/insecure blockchain. Our involvement is currently custodial as we work to refactor the code. If you have coins there please do not attempt removing them until the issue is resolved.

00:03:41 09 Mar, 2023 A Lood Company, Macho America, is pleased to announce the development of Women's Arena Football. The Lingerie Football expansion will also be developed in-house. More info coming soon! For more information:

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