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22 Apr 2021
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3 year(s)
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18:03:45 03 Mar, 2024

Thoughts and ideas spiral around in the void of existence. One idea merges with another creating new ideas and thoughts. We enjoy sharing our community building ideas with you, even if it's not exactly your cup of tea perhaps it will spawn a new idea many will enjoy! Speaking of ideas don't forget to cast your vote on project pages on the main MintMe voting page, the more interaction the more ideas get cast into the void of creation! https://youtu.be/Ve6nUvv47T4?si=0kTu6W_QQo7am2kJ https://www.mintme.com/voting/Simple-Project-Pages

16:03:17 03 Mar, 2024

05:03:17 03 Mar, 2024

It would be great to have simple project pages where holders can bid on projects with the creator tokens. Supporters would be able to lock in tokens to projects for completion, once a project is completed a percentage of the locked tokens would be released to the highest buy orders on the project market page and the remainder would go back to the token creator, or perhaps be burnt depending on creator preference. I’m sure this is not as simple as I have it in my mind but I think the idea would be a great benefit for creators overall. https://cdn.glitch.global/4d28a5f0-4bec-4873-9059-3319b8398254/Screenshot%202024-03-02%20at%2023-14-35%20Simple%20DOA.png We placed this in voting! https://www.mintme.com/voting/Simple-Project-Pages

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