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MTCG (Minds The Card Game) Collect, Transfer, Earn with custom collectable trading cards! Buy Cards: MTCG Blockchain Rewards (Abstract) Earn Blockchain Rewards By Playing Games And Hanging Out In Our Virtual Hubs! Virtual Hub & Games: Ecosystem Tokens: Find More Tokens In Our Ecosystem Maybe They Will Be Our Next Blockchain Reward! Learn More About Our Ecosystem Join! Want to join our ecosystem? Just let us know when you have enough MTCG! Community ProjectsWe have a large amount of ongoing projects and ideas that are currently being built on, you can find out about them by chatting with us in our Minds chat room listed, or follow or content & projects on MTCG Minds The Card Game - A game of Minds where you create, collect and battle with subscribers cards in a magic the gathering style Minds The Video Game In a world full of trolls, bad advice and fake news you take control of a mysterious a ancient shaman with mystical counter culture powers in a winner takes all battle of imagination and knowledge… Benders Casino Mini Game Coming Soon More Creators Coming Soon! Support our projects, websites, games and more by buying our creator token with ETH, BTC, Mintme or BNB. Subscribe And Follow Our Projects! Minds Chat Room Podcast

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MTCG Card Trading (Update)


Flying Wisdom πŸ¦‰

New Token Experiment

Bullish Flyer πŸ‚

Reserve "Bullish Flyer" πŸ‚

Birds Nest 🐀

Vote On Next Months Card β˜‘οΈ

Our next MTCG card will be here in May! Cast your vote on whats released today!  • Birds  • Foods  • Aliens [p][/p] [url=][/url]

Fart Gas

One Year Later πŸƒ


MTCG 4.20 Sale!!

[p/]420 MTCG is on sale for 4.20 MintMe!! Get your MTCG while you can then spark a bowl in celebration πŸŽ‰ [/p]

Dino Eggs

The Kid Got Into The Card Collection 😝

April Showers With Love

Moon Rabbit

Voting Is Open

Eye Of The Token

Joystream Bounty Launched

Lock an Loaded

NFT Drop πŸ’§

Community Activity Blog

Drunken Monkey


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Gaming Videos ; Upload Reward

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100 ECLIPSE tokens

New Podcast Out 🎧

New MTCG Playcard πŸ₯³

Video Blockchain Platform

MTCG packs

NFT drop

New Blog On

Knowledge Is Power

Making NFTs More CD Like

The Blankness

Cooperative Playable Culture

[p]We're no noobs to creating cooperative layouts that allow others to integrate themselves and work with us. [/p] [p] From our play to earn virtual hubs and games to our social media groups and chat rooms we have always tried to expand the growth of ourselves and others together.[/p] [/p] Our upcoming digital cards will be no different, we have planned out a way for others to integrating themselves with our system. [/p] [/p] Cooperative growth and culture is important to make stable, long lasting, systems that can passed down for generations.[/p][p] We hope you join us on the adventure, keep an eye out for our upcoming sample card ☺️ [/p]

MTCG A Growing Collectible

[p]MTCG Investor cards are a great way to print a fun growing collectable for your fans.[/p] [p]Our custom designs and digital trading layout for MTCG makes our collectable cards a great idea for newcomers to get involved. [/p] [p]Printing Value: [/p] [p] Each printer payment must be made independently; and a max of one card is printed weekly creating limited availability and demand for even the smallest fan base. [/p] [p]Card Value:[/p] [p] Printing payment is held for buybacks so your card can easily grow in value for your fans. If a card is listed for its printed value buy a fan we will buyback the card. It will not be relisted unless a new payment for printing is made.[/p] [p]Collector Value:[/p] [p]Fans can collect and hodl thier favorite cards for as long as they want.[/p] Ready To get your card printed? [p]Keep an eye out for that and other upcoming posts as we shuffle around preparing our digital trading collection layout. [/p]

First Place!

Cast Your Vote

#MTCG Collectable Cards 2022

[p]MTCG has been making collector cards for years. Our collector cards have evolved from ugly premade layouts, to exclusive independent desgins. I like to compare our digital collection to baseball cards but humans have been collecting artwork, weapons, books, and thousands of other things throughout the time of history.[/p] [h4]MTCG Playcards: [/h4] [p]Playcards usually represent important moments in time or associations with our community. This can include things like being on a podcast or joining our ecosystem. Playcards are being designed to be used in game play, and non user cards are built to balance decks.[/p] [h4]MTCG Memecards: [/h4] [p]Memecards are a newer idea from our community. Memecards are pure nostalgia and created from some of our top trending memes over the years. Memecards display an associated MTCG value for the card, hopefully well be able to use this value for something someday.[/p] [h5] Mintme Cards?[/h5] [p]Keep an eye open for our upcoming card project πŸ™ˆ[/p]

New Collectable, New Design πŸ‘€

New NFT Claim

Just Keep Grinding

Monkeying Around NFT

Don't Forget Our Podcast

MTCG Dartboard 🎯 NFT

MTCG Token Release Plans (2022)

[h4]The following is our public release dates for MTCG[/h4] [p][/p] [h6]Major Holidays & Celebrations[/h6] [p]1-4 MTCG Released[/p] [h6]May 5th[/h6] [p]5 MTCG Released[/p] [h6]September 25th[/h6] [p]25 MTCG Released[/p] [h6]November 11th[/h6] [p]11 MTCG Released[/p] [p]All other inquiries of our token to general investors must be bought from sales chart or sold to you by a current investor. [/p] [p]If you want to get involved with our token we recommend selling your reward tokens from our #MindsGaming Rewards program and buying our token with your profits. [/p] [p]*Warning[/p] [p]We have heard many plans for stores and token pairs coming to Mintme and may adjust or edit these plans when and if incorporated. [/p]

Dragon Tunes NFT (Sold Out)


New NFT Claim

[h4]MTCG Emoji NFT[/h4] [p]First time users can claim free on MoMint![p] [p]*Limited copy*[/p] [url=][/url]

Welcome A New Token

Happy New Virtual Hubs!

[p]Our new virtual hangouts are here for the new year![/p] [p] Hangout in our virtual hub to earn rewards tokens including DooBetter, ECLIPSE, and GAMER.[/p] [p]Find out more about our virtual hubs in our blog![/p] [url=][/url] [p]Hangout today:[/p] [url=][/url]


Merry Krampus

New Collector MemeS

[p]On a pretty random "I feel inspired" schedule we will be releasing collector memes![/p] Collector Memes will only be viewable through these posts by owning MTCG or by buying a membership on Minds. πŸš€

Referral Rewards ⁉️

Make A Wish

New Pages πŸŽ‰

Skeletor NFT Playcard

MTCG Reward Voting

Blockchain Token Rewards

Game Rewards

Happy B-day

Our community and the face of the community turns six today. [img][][/img]

Bot Miner

Troll (Ability) Card

More Tokens = More Cards

[p] More tokens can only mean one thing! New Crards! Lets welcome new tokens to our ecosystem[/p] [ol] [/ol] [p]Token1 Media[/p] [p]JesusToken [/p] [p]As always, thanks everyone in our ecosystem, remember to check and invest in new tokens as well as update your token introduction![/p]

MTCG Controller

Keep Growing!

[p] Lets welcome some more new tokens to our community ecosystem![/p] [p]TETN[/p] [p]Noid[/p] [p]Thanks everyone in our ecosystem, remember to check and invest in new tokens as well as update your token introduction![/p]

Glitchy Games

On The Radio

Not A Meme Coin

[p]Other coins call themselves meme coins we just meme.[/p] [url=][/url]

Welcome New Tokens!

[h1]Ecosystem Expansion[/h1] [p] Lets start of by saying welcome its good to see you here! Our ecosystem has been expanding from day one and we have been so busy making content we forget to welcome new tokens to the ecosystem! [/p] [p] Welcome... [/p] [p]BLANKETFORT:[/p] [p]DOOBETTER:[/p] [p]LuCoin:[/p] [img] [/img] [p] Older tokens in our ecosystem please update your intro to intro![/p]


2k members, daily videos, custom uploads, streams and more #GamerTube is the place to get started promoting your gaming content! [url=][/url] Watch a Gaming Video [url=][/url]

Play Some Games

[h3]Miny Miner Games![/h3] [p] Our token ecosystem and its users have created a miner. Help them mine MintMe by playing their game on the miner! [/p] [p][url=][/url][/p] [p][/p] [p]Our minyminer is also open source and easily remixed to create your own miner :) [/p] [p] Some tokens in our ecosystem are still working on their game for the miner but hopefully we will see some more games soon! [/p] [h5]Remember To Join US[/h5] [p]Don't forget we are a creative community on an active social platform with chat rooms, groups, live-chat and more come join us on MINDS[/p] [url=][/url] [yt]YHSgJP3J4BI[/yt]

We're on ETH !

[p] Hello old friend how are you, I know it's been some time from last I spoke to you. [/p] [p] For see I've been busy building some things, but I am back and gifts I shall bring. [/p] [p] I launched this token on you, with our past it seemed the right thing to do.[/p] [p]But thats not all I will bring more, see I'm building a game where you will keep score. [/p] [p]Thanks for supporting our token and welcome to the ETH blockchain. Todays promotion is #WritingCorner[/p]

Join Our Music Group!

Todays promotion is our Music Group. Although videos uploads from Minds don't work on here you can upload, or share from other sites like youtube. [p]Join Here :)[/p] [url=][/url] [yt]f0fYrtvUQ_Q[/yt]

Now Hiring is now hiring full stack developers, mobile designers, marketing consultants and more. Send in your resume today on [url=][/url] Join us on [url=]Https://[/url]

Content Voting Open

We have an open vote placed ending at the beginning of September. Make sure to stop by and place your vote on what content you want to see produced next! Also here is a new MTCG card !

We Have NFTs

Our cards are buyable NFTs we will soon be creating physical cards for purchase as well make sure to stop by and check them out! [url=][/url]

Vote Now

Check out voting on our token page and the main menu and place your vote!

Today's Promotion

Today's promotion is #420Time where it's always time to light one up. [url=][/url]

Creative Community

Our community has a large amount of creative content made by users. Today's promotion is for our Photography & Art Group on Minds. [url=][/url]

Community Groups

Our community has large number of community groups on today we are promoting #MemeWars [url=][/url]

The Bill Ottman Interview

We Interview the CEO of [url=][/url]

What Is MINDS?

[h2]What Is MINDS[/h2] [p] is a cryptocurrency social network where you get rewarded in MINDS tokens for your creative content. The goal of MINDS is to " Free your mind and get paid for creating content, driving traffic and referring friends. A place to have open conversations and bring people together. Take back control of your social media! " [/p] [h3]Affiliation[/h3] [img][/img] On MINDS your channel and content that you create is your investment, no one can bottom out your investment as you can only gain from Minds with the content you create. Once you gain enough MINDS to unlock plus or pro memberships you can cash out your Minds and liquidate or swap your tokens with Uniswap.[/p]

We Are Buying And Selling!!!

Planning Movie Night With Meg - Podcast

PINN Airdrop!

[p]Welcome PINN to our ecosystem by participating in the airdrop!![/p] [url=][/url]

SatoriD Airdrop!

[p]Huge welcome to our podcast co-host and one of the main Minds behind the madness!![/p] [p]Please Support the airdrop![/p] [url=][/url]

LOKA Airdrop

[p]Welcome LOKA to the ecosystem by supporting the AirDrop![/p] [url=][/url]


[p]Welcome ECLIPSE To the Family By Supporting The Airdrop[/p] [url=][/url]

Open AirDrops

[p]Start Airdrops in our shop on Minds![/p] [url=][/url] [h2]Bump The Drop[/h2] [p]If you start support an airdrop during a current drop the airdrop will be bumped and restarted.[/p] [p]All airdrops are currently for 100 users[/p]

Everythings In The Bio

We moved all our projects, ecosystem, other Minds creator Tokens and more to the introduction for newcomers. We will be working with other creators on Minds in helping them launch and be a part of our ecosystem here. Look out for new tokens that will be added from musicians, artist, and more in the token introduction soon!

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[p]Subscribe to us on Minds! [url=][/url][/p] [p] Subscribe To Our Podcast! [url=][/url][/p] [p] Collect Our NFTs [url=][/url][/p] [p]Join Our Chat Room![url=][/url][/p]

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