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MTCG (Minds The Card Game) Collect, Transfer, Earn with custom collectable trading cards!! Release MTCG: Transfer back your collected cards to @MindsGaming on Momint and we will SELL the printed value of tokens on the card to the top buy offers for MintMe! Collect Cards: Collect cards when available in our token shop for MTCG or buy them on Momint: About MTCG: We are a community that focuses on creativity and collaboration. We build cultures not promises of amazing profits and millionaire status. With a structured community based off creators, topics and participation in collaborative projects our cryptocurrency ecosystem is managed by the creators who launched the token to support there favorite topics and creations in our community. Ecosystem Website: Earn tokens from creators in our community by playing games or hanging out in our virtual hubs, find resources, creator tokens and help build our community! Join! Our community groups, activities and chat are hosted on Minds join today ! Community Projects: We have a large amount of ongoing projects and ideas that are currently being built on, you can find out about them by chatting with us in our Minds chat room listed, or follow our content & projects on Minds The Card Game - Interactive collector card game. -Minds The Video Game In a world full of trolls, bad advice and fake news you take control of a mysterious a ancient shaman with mystical counter culture powers in a winner takes all battle of imagination and knowledge. - DWMW A cyberpunk web series about losing a blockchain wallet with acccess to every market in the universe. Support our projects, websites, games and more by buying our creator token with ETH, BTC, Mintme or BNB. Subscribe And Follow Our Projects! Minds Chat Room Podcast

Created on:
22 Apr 2021
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4 241 518.0000
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3 year(s)
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8 819 113.2420
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308 288.2345
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395 755.3803
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1 180 886.7579
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1 017
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17:10:28 12 Oct, 2023

20:05:54 31 May, 2023

The second episode of DWMW has been released, support the creators of the project by unlocking the post on DWMW ! Want to check it out before buying a new token, we have episode one available for one MTCG but future episodes will be released on DWMW! Build & hang out in a virtual space with friends. Play Games Find web3 resources Earn Rewards

17:05:53 30 May, 2023

AI language modules are being developed and customized through prompt building, making it easier to find a perfect assistant for any goal. Our DWMW project offers custom language modules and builders for anyone interested in learning more about them. We also provide free prompts built by the main language module that have been tested by creators, like cryptocurrency price predictions and coding games among others. References: Our Main Prompt (module): Entities (prompts made by our main module): Build & hang out in a virtual space with friends. Play Games Find web3 resources Earn Rewards