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This is a utility token This is NOT a digital asset with any promise of value or investment. This token can be used for P2P transactions or verifications. This token will be expanded into the crypto world. The main distribution methods will be via airdrops, mining, and incremental payouts garnered with ad revenue. Future usages will include games, stores, unlocking content, trading and more. MMXMR will be the token that powers OD Network. Quick background The name was destined to be MintMeXMR, but did not want to appear fake affiliation with MintMe itself. MintmyXMR was considered but finally settled MintMo like US slang Mo' of something. This was created because the 100 years it will take to withdraw from mining XMR that a complete project would be made for itself. Foward Mining the native network was more logical and profitable to user as well as beneficial to the Mintme Network, which this token runs on. Although bridging to XMR in future is not entirely out of the question, upon working out technical and financial implications this would mean to users must be scrutinized.

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Expanded Stability

$1 USD stability?

[h2]As mintme price explodes....[/h2] The longterm dream was to mold MMXMR token to be used within OD Network as $1 USD interchangeable, yet at the same time provide liquidity needed for publishers, creators etc. Now as mintme price surges the actual potential is now here and it is time to expand OD Network and further develop utilities with the token powering the network. Users can currently earn or mine MMXMR by copying and pasting links below You will easily earn and receive bonuses as well, you may choose to sell or HODL for mintme 2.0 features which will definitely see great value towards shopping! There are also many planned rebuilds of old systems using MMXMR as main token similar to BAT but much more varied and decentralized. There will be a balance of supporting value but staying back to allow traders to buy and sell freely. Faucet, auto, PTC, offerwalls, tasks, bonuses +10% bonus MMXMR w/d mining MMXMR - monthly bonuses!

Contest: winner receives 10 MMXMR

MMXMR Mining has reopened

Users can mine MMXMR easily . You are able to log many devices. You may even link your account and withdraw to FaucetPay in 11+ currencies No fees, hidden costs. [url="" target="_blank"][/url]

MMXMR backing

OD Crypto Coin update

Mintme Faucet

Mintme 2.0

Satoshi Nakamoto?

[h1]UK courts uphold ruling in strange case[/h1] Read story HERE! is Craig Wright actually Satoshi? UK courts seem to think so

Elon Musk is so smart

Tesla Model S Plaid erupts in flames and briefly traps owner after electronic doors fail....maybe time to work on building safe vehicles instead of pumping shitcoins?? I mean u only sell like 300 a year as it is wtf?! ppl pump out 1000 burgers in a lunch and get berate for onion. kill yourself fag.

Easiest way to gain MMXMR?

Mining... simple browser mining fully insured with partnership EUB Insurance.

USD idea maybe not stabilize?

MMXMR Stable Coin?

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Post 2710

[h2]Staking rewards have been sent[/h2] 6183.5 MintMoXMR have been sent this week!! 3659.8 MMXMR is still left to Top Holders until gone!

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[h1]Congrats!![/h1] Hello everyone we are, very happy to announce the launch of Satoshi to blockchain. We await all the collaborators for all your support to Satoshi, take advantage of its great offer of 10,000 Satoshi at a special price [url=][/url]

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[h3]Staking bonus has been sent out![/h3] Top Holders and participators and supporters. We have sent to all addresses that have entered , if you are on list....make sure to send us your address to receive bonuses! Bonus rate = 10% if under 10 MMXMR = 1 Remaining Staked: 9843.3 MMXMR This will be continued weekly until staked funds are exhausted.

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[h2]Dividends are being paid to top holders today![/h2] sent bonus week ending march 6 Bossmanshy: 15.2 MMXMR ......EUBI: 4.6 MMXMR..... VirtaShare: 2.0 MMXMR......... Smile: 1.5 MMXMR....... Lisa Bee: 1.2 MMXMR... ... MMXMR balance: 9975.5 If you are in Top Holders send your address you wish to be in next weeks round!

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There will be a giveaway and an investor sale.

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MintMoXMR price will now fixed at 40 MintMe! Will be 100.00 By summer?! The developer is offering 40 MintMe for earning MintMoXMR of course, as always you may sell your Tokens for any price you want! to earn or even mine MintMoXMR join here: [url=][/url]

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Doing an airdrop to give out 100 MintMoXMR

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1000 Tokens will be released at 11.0000 MintMe. to help free up the market!