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This is a utility token This is NOT a digital asset with any promise of value or investment. This token can be used for P2P transactions or verifications. Deflationary goal will have been achieved as USD dies. There is nothing happening at this time, will be updated posts if needed.

Created on:
08 Oct 2020
Active orders:
Release period:
50 year(s)
Hourly installment:
Already released:
684 980.6637
Wallet on exchange:
287 902.8318
Sold on the market:
-2 432.1926
Not yet released:
9 315 019.3362
Direct buy volume:
Latest News
01:08:39 31 Aug, 2023

This is backed by OD Network and known legit token developer known as WestnileOD. True value and purpose this token is going to be live very soon will be launched!

23:07:57 16 Jul, 2023

01:04:02 20 Apr, 2023

In celebration of 420 .....on 4/20 US time will be purchasing 1.1 MMXMR @420 mintme first seller wins ;) smoke one on us lol