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03:11:17 07 Nov, 2023

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This is a utility token This is NOT a digital asset with any promise of value or investment. This token can be used for P2P transactions or verifications. Deflationary goal will have been achieved as USD dies. There is nothing happening at this time, will be updated posts if needed.

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08 Oct 2020
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50 year(s)
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801 236.7693
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287 902.8318
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-2 657.4345
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9 198 763.2306
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07:12:45 23 Dec, 2023

Mystic Shadows: aka mintme_quest_0x7401 combining classic RPG with ARG elements this game will have no user manual. Only an address. In this address contains mintme and many tokens on the including 1000x. The game works like a typical RPG with a complete open world setting. Players can go where they wish and interact with what they want. However, there is no 'set' way to win. Instead there is scattered throughout the game clues to unlock the wallet by using key words that are the Mnemonic Phrase. This game can be redistributed, resold, or given away to anyone, but when someone wins new editions will be released with changes to make new puzzles In addition to this method users can buy directly from developer using ANY token from mintme network, of which 90% will be sent to current game wallet, making game more interesting. #Odn #Giveaway #games #MintmeQuest

02:12:45 15 Dec, 2023

Embark on Mintme Quest, a revolutionary RPG blending classic storytelling with blockchain thrills. This immersive journey ensures every move counts, and rewards unfold in the real realm of blockchain. Mintme Quest defies norms with a truly decentralized universe—no pay-to-win, no declared winners. Mintme coins, tokens, and 1000x pegged to 1000 Mintme. High stakes, real rewards, unlock your wallet by deciphering a 12-word Mnemonic Phrase. Scattered clues reveal key words in a non-linear journey, exploring multiple paths and facing unique challenges. Dynamic adventure evolves with each victory, inspiring new editions with fresh puzzles and twists. Freely redistributed, resold, or gifted, Mintme Quest thrives on a community-driven ecosystem of shared excitement. Dive into a decentralized RPG universe where exploration, puzzle-solving, and blockchain rewards converge in an epic adventure. Ready to unlock secrets and claim your place in the ever-expanding saga? #MintmeQuest #Odn

01:11:54 24 Nov, 2023

In the realm of digital tokens, MMXMR stands out as a beacon of utility rather than an investment vehicle. Created within the MintMe network, its primary focus lies in facilitating transactions and services rather than being viewed as financial advice or an investment avenue. However, its value for users earning the token lies in its liquidity and the avenues it opens for practical use. The significance of liquidity cannot be overstated, especially for users actively engaging with MMXMR. Its integration into the token shop has already initiated the utilization of its utility, hinting at exciting surprises lined up for 2024. Yet, what makes this progression even more promising is the upcoming addition of a new pairing: BNB. Currently paired with MintMe and USDC, the forthcoming pairing with BNB holds substantial implications for MMXMR's future usage and functionality. This sell set will be only available until funding is raised...after which the MMXMR/BNB pairing rate will be big #odn

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