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About the "CINEMADROM" metaverse. 🌈 The "CINEMADROM" metaverse is the first company to create a complex ecosystem based on Blockchain Technology for the new World Cinema 3.0. Since August 2018 the "CINEMADROM" to create a new Meta Universe for a Cinematography and media industry in the form of "MovieLand" DAO based on the AI Movie algorithm. 🏆 The CINEMADROM metaverse project is decentralization and equality of all users. For these purposes, CINEMADROM project creates the “MovieLand” DAO is the new VR Hollywood that will make you money. All users can have fun and receive MovieCash coin at the same time for their actions in “Cinemadrom” metaverse. 🎯 Any user can use the services or buy assets of "CINEMADROM" metaverse, there are no restrictions for this. The CINEMADROM project is for complete decentralization and equality of all users. For these purposes, a “MovieLand” DAO is being created, where users can create any business of their own in the new VR Hollywood. 🌈 Buy MOVIECASH token and get benefits. What is the usefulness of MOVIECASH for users? 💥💥💥 Hurry up to take MOVIECASH token at an affordable price while it is undervalued and earn your X 5000. MOVIECASH fair price is around $5 💥💥💥 🌈 The MOVIECASH (MVH) is the main token CINEMADROM metaverse that is used for transactions and the functioning of the Metaverse , and the MVH token is also needed to launch various services in the “MovieLand DAO” (DeFi Movie, NFT Movie) and for finance a film projects CINEMADROM. 👍 What is the usefulness of MOVIECASH tokens for users? 📌 The MOVIECASH token can be bought and sold on exchanges. Thereby earning a profit on the difference in rates. Now the token is undervalued. 📌 For MOVIECASH tokens, you can buy land in "MovieLand". Buy land, build your business and get income X500 automatically. Your income directly depends on the area of your land. 📌 MVH can be exchanged for Movie Rights in the form of an NFT token at any time and for any film, even if the film is released and the profit from this film is already obvious and get your X300. 📌 Users with at least a 1000 MVH on their balance can make changes to the DefiMovie and vote on protocol improvements. 📌 Start Stake MOVIECASH token and constantly get new MVH coins. Then just sell the mined tokens and get a profit. (soon). 📲 With MVH, you can manage the DeFi protocol or purchase NFT Movie tokens of Movie Projects or buy land in “MovieLand Dao” and build your Web3 business in New Hollywood. 🚀🚀🚀 🌐 Website: 🐥 Twitter: 📬 Telegram chat: 📬 WhatsApp: +44 7747 730218 📬 Email:

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