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The National Sod Credit is a Rebate or Rewards Token Earned From Purchases of Sod by Select Distributors. This token is currently only used off mintme for a redeemable token for a rebate referral. This token should not be bought for speculation until we release further updates. We had a transfer problem to customers from new mintme users without a wallet address for tokens. Until fixed we will have to hold off. No way to test the system and what new users see without tokens. We will be requesting further information how to utilize this token as planned. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please do not buy this token above 5! For the time being!

Created on:
06 Jul 2021
Active orders:
Release period:
2 year(s)
Hourly installment:
Already released:
9 999 236.6137
Wallet on exchange:
7 195 332.5572
250 240.0000
Sold on the market:
23 428.6955
Not yet released:
Direct buy volume:
Latest News
02:08:18 14 Aug, 2021

We want to thank you all for taking our free airdrops. We opened up a lot of accounts very fast. The future is currently taken back by end consumer complexities with being able to send tokens to a new user without them having a wallet to receive tokens. Since this is a rebate program the main function is to issue tokens to customers. Not for us to actually sell them any time soon there is no reason to buy from us! This doesn’t support prices until there is a sale to complete a customer order who didn’t want to sell and bought a few times and was issued many tokens. Concept is neat. And to complicated for a simple over the phone explanation currently. We seek a simpler solution, but think it will be more complex than we expected. Currently not much progress. Just one new customer to mintme. And we couldn’t even send them tokens. Just mintme coins. If we gave free tokens other than airdrops and you don’t want to wait burn them or return them.

21:07:57 20 Jul, 2021

One of our distributors has chosen to accept these tokens in partial pallet increments. The discount is less than full pallet redemption, to incentivize full pallet utilization, while still providing a discount for a reorders and utilizing Tokenized Sod System. 480 Tokens will now get you a $25 off an order while 4800 Tokens gets a full 480 sq ft pallet.

02:07:16 18 Jul, 2021

We have crossed the 100 customer mark in terms of wallets and investors. We thank DogecoinX and EUBI for their kind words. Going forward we will have minimal share rewards and the airdrop volume will potentially slow down. What investors are really looking for is our customers to adapt to this new technology in a old school farming industry and for us to be the intermediary between customers and local farms. With this referral token you can purchase and exchange for many different types of grown locally in Multiple States. Update coming as Oregon now in.

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