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Ovelle Coffee is a small batch craft coffee roaster located in the United States. DM me if you want some more info or check out the website www.Ovellecoffee.com

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Free Coffee

All 80000+ coin holders get a free bag of coffee you pay the shipping. This is real world value injected into crypto!

Local Media Exposure

We are real. Support Ovelle and trade high. Watch our video clip talking about small business and the economy. [url=]https://youtu.be/hN9tFZxiKxg[/url]

Ovelle Coin

I bought some at a very low price to increase trades on my coin. This was a nubie move. The price will kept high and sell orders will be lowered only on occasion. I am now buying back my token to reward those who have faith in a real project. Keep you sell orders high and you will be rewarded.

Crypto Payment Ponzi

Todays economy is fraught with speculation. Markets seem to vacillate at a mere whim. Someone tells someone something in a back room then companies and their employees livelihood are lost over night. Will the market make enough to cover inflation and the vast amount of money that is printed? Is this not the classic definition of a Ponzi scheme?? The accumulation of massive amounts of debt with the promise of a pot of gold over the rainbow while in reality only small payments are made to keep those interested on the hook. Then one day its all gone. Crypto is not any better. Not in its current form. Sink massive amounts of money and time into it then get a couple coins here or there, enough to keep you interested but one day it will all be gone. The crypto Payment Ponzi

Market Place Ethics

Is a crypto market place really what we need? Maybe just realizing that we are ok the way we are should come first. Of course de stabilizing the world economy where the select few profit off the mass and strip them of all human dignity happens along the way. But first self discovery

Massive 61.3 Million LRC Deposit

Has anyone seen the massive 61.3 million deposit of LRCs by Loopring CEO? What do you think of the world's economy and the future of crypto? Is Loopring the future? Are you buying into the Gamestop NFT speculation? Are they making their own Crypto? Read More: [url=]https://beincrypto.com/loopring-ceo-lrc-gamestop-nft-speculation/[/url]

Future of Crypto


Just bought a 1000x Token and feel like diamond handing it this token increases the value of the entire chain ! Had to put in a high sell order though because and your boy needs some coffee $$$.

How many times do you check Mintme?

Bitcoin and Starbucks


Mint me a Community?

Crypto Investing is unique in that the markets never close. Is this a good or bad thing? I suppose exchange within most communities generally stops or lulls around a certain time late at night. Of course Mint Me is international so there is always a time when someone could be trading. This leads me to think of this place as more of an impersonal society than a community. I believe community to be more of a close knit circle of friends and that using the term community to describe online groups is actually debasing to the term. But community will always exist at least as long as humans do.

New Intro

Check out the new intro about Crypto and Coffee and lmk what you think

Good Day Today

Thanks to Headbash the number one Crypto King. Happiness Token is no joke thing!!! Must have Diamond Hands to be in the Ovelle game, make sure you buy buy buy even if you think its high its gonna pump. And Musdasch thanks for the love!

Ovelle Coin is 8

New Video From Ovelle


DM me for Discount

Musdasch and splat520 thanks for the support! I want to hook you up with a discount on some real world goods. Roasted to order coffee! 100% Blue Mountain and Blends. DM me and I'll send the discount.

Sup Y'all

Hello random person viewing this post! How is your day going? We are good here at Ovelle coffee. Surfing the crypto market and taking an interest in Loopring? Any thoughts?

Mint Me Crowdfunding

Help Mint Me and Crypto Crowd Fund. New Lower sale price! Check out our feature in the local media [url=]https://www.shopblackct.com/blog/ovelle-coffee-company-sustainable-blue-mountain-brew[/url]

Support Ovelle

Ovelle Token is backed by the worlds best Coffee Jamaica Blue Mountain. Grown on the slopes of the Blue Mountain in Jamaica it achieves a singular aroma and taste. Smooth, Chocolatey and hints of caramel pervade this rare delight. Not only this but Ovelle is a small business not unlike yourself. So but some Ovelle Token today!

Crypto Assets Vs Crypto Fascist

A crypto fascist is someone who believes essentially that they are the only one in the universe but wont tell anyone. We here in CT fall especially prey to this mostly because of the culture we are brought up in. Crypto Assets are assets that people deem as the only truly valuable currency in the world when the market fails. Of course this is all bad faith. I believe that everything will work out in the end and that if you are holding onto a lot of crypto to make money you probably aren't doing it any favors. So lets get out there and by some Ovelle

Mint Me Volume

I have no idea what mint me volume would take in order to increase but I feel as if it would be a large part of my time and vital energy. For that there is no amount of crypto that could make me feel satisfied. But I push indeed because of a burning desire to see a better future and the newness of crypto is alluring. Hopefully I don't get scammed or at least scammed too bad.

Deployed to the Block Chain

Today we deployed to the block chain and are now on the forefront of crypto and everyday life. Using crypto to trade for everyday goods such as coffee is one step closer to a truly new economy. Big banks and big money wont stop us. Our elected officials need to stop being bought and paid for. Buy this coin and help create a new future for you and me.

Media Exposure

Check some media exposure of our company. Message me if you want to learn how to get the word out about your business. [url=]https://bit.ly/IDH_Ovelle[/url]

Happiness is Priceless

Check out the most hardcore coin on MintMe Happiness.

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