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19:11:11 28 Nov, 2021

All 80000+ coin holders get a free bag of coffee you pay the shipping. This is real world value injected into crypto!

https://content.fortune.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/foc-11-01-17-bitcoin-coffee.jpg Ovelle Coffee is a small batch craft coffee roaster located in the United States. DM me if you want some more info or check out the website

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13 Oct 2021
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10 year(s)
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4 301 959.9346
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5 698 040.0653
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251 485.6157
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103 362.0000
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2 918 668.2012
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01:02:07 19 Feb, 2022

Mint Me is a great forum and I had a really great time with all the wonderful traders here! However it is either a lot of work or a bunch of money you must pour into it to succeed. Right not I am in the top ten but will not be in a few hours. There are currently no plans to put any more efforts into this project so I must say goodnight. Thanks, Thoth, Splat, Mutsdach, Smile, Bestinza and of course Headbash. All the traders who helped teach me about Crypto and finance in general, you are wise beyond your years. Fair Thee Well! - Billy

15:02:31 11 Feb, 2022

A new shipment of Green Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is underway along with a couple upgrades in the technology and machinery of our outfit. A new commercial coffee grinder as well as a customizable label printer are in the process of being ordered and will bring efficiency and cost savings to ensure the service and quality of our coffee! No, sorry this isn't a new decentralized payment platform based coin with staking options and an upcoming NFT market place. This is a real business with a future on planet earth! Buy Ovelle now, the price will rise. PS. I m looking for a new decentralized payment platform based coin with an upcoming NFT market place to invest in, and a banana.

02:02:32 02 Feb, 2022

Definitely some of the best coffee I've had. The one I had received was the Better Morning Blend. I'll have try the others when I can. Thanks to them for reaching out to me. -Smile Creator Check out Ovellecoffee.com

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