Somos un canal de Youtube y Discord que ofrece análisis de los mercados basados en la teoría de las ondas de Elliott desde el año 2016. Analizamos los principales índices busátiles, divisas, materias primas y criptomonedas. Si quieres apoyarnos esta es una manera de hacerlo.

Nuestro principal propósito al crear el token PETETE es financiarnos para poder seguir creciendo de una forma que nuestros seguidores puedan tener un activo digital a cambio. En principio, podéis tomarlo como una forma de apoyarnos, pudiendo en un futuro vender esos tokens o mantenerlos si crees que pueden aumentar su valor. En definitiva, si crees en nosotros, COMPRA.

We are a Youtube and Discord channel that offers market analysis based on Elliott wave theory since 2016. We analyse the main busable indices, currencies, commodities and cryptocurrencies. If you want to support us this is one way to do it.

Our main purpose in creating the PETETE token is to fund ourselves so that we can continue to grow in a way that our followers can have a digital asset in return. In principle, you can take it as a way of supporting us, being able to sell those tokens in the future or keep them if you think they can increase their value. In short, if you believe in us, BUY.

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25 May 2021
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10 year(s)
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08:07:15 05 Jul, 2021

Hello everybody. We want to announce from this channel that PETETE will not issue any more airdrops. We do it for two specific reasons:

1. The reach we get with retweets, followers on YouTube, etc. is not effective. (Many remove retweets after a while and stop following us, in addition to other considerations)

2. Those tokens given away, in the long run, hurt the price.

21:07:48 03 Jul, 2021

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