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What is the project about? "Our project is inspired by the world-famous Pepe Frog. It is a token in the meme category, and we continue to develop it. In the future, we are trying to develop and release a supervised wallet application. While doing all of this, we are working to combine humor and crypto." What makes your project unique? "Our goal is to build a strong community and prove to people that humor and crypto can go hand in hand. We also aim to build a supervised and secure wallet. What sets us apart from other projects is that we prioritize security." History of your project. "We are a new project and trying to move forward step by step." What’s next for your project? "We completed our pre-sale and launched our project. Our team continues to work on security and supervision. Our next goal is to finish testing the wallet application and release it to users." What can your token be used for? "People can invest while having fun and benefit from the privileges created by the community. We will organize community events, and they can be part of it even if they make a small investment."

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24 May 2023
Active orders:
23 996 126.0000
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1 006 559 557 003.3442
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