Prunity Token is a decentralized cryptocurrency designed to power the Mechi project, an AI-powered personalized assistant that can have conversations with you. Prunity Token is designed to be used within the Mechi ecosystem, where users can earn, pay, and transact with it. Users can earn Prunity Tokens by using the app, participating in airdrops, events, and signups, as well as by keeping the app idle (powered by coinIMP). They can use Prunity Tokens to remove chat input limitations, captcha, ads, and more every month. Mechi Tokens can also be used to purchase other services within the Mechi ecosystem. Investing in Prunity Token allows investors to become part of the Mechi ecosystem and to support the growth of an innovative AI-powered personalized assistant.

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15 Sep 2021
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501 000.0000
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24 562
Latest News
12:04:52 17 Apr, 2023

Introducing the latest version of Mechi, your personal conversational assistant! We have enhanced the UI/look of Mechi and added the ability for users to choose their preferred theme - dark mode or light mode, to provide you with an even better user experience. With version 5.0 of Mechi, you don't need to download any updates. Changes will automatically reflect on your devices or browsers. In case the changes don't reflect, simply pull down the page to refresh it, and the update will be live! Upgrade to the latest version of Mechi now and enjoy the new look and feel. Available from April 17, 2023.

19:04:54 12 Apr, 2023

📣 Exciting news! We're thrilled to announce the release of Mechi 4.0, your personal conversational assistant powered by AI and machine learning. With the latest beta features now available, you can have natural language conversations with Mechi just like you're talking in a phone call! 🤖📱 And the best part? Mechi is available for all - Free, Supporter, and Pro versions! However, please note that our response time may be a little slower due to the increase in daily active users. But rest assured, we're working hard to improve the quality of your experience. 💪 Whether you need help with a school project, planning your next vacation, or just want to chat about the latest news, Mechi is here to assist you. So what are you waiting for? Try Mechi now and experience the power of AI! 🌟

08:04:36 06 Apr, 2023

🎉 Attention all Mechi users! We're thrilled to announce our latest campaign - "Download and Rate Mechi on Google Playstore" 📲 To participate, simply download Mechi from Playstore, rate us on how we've helped you in your daily needs, and submit your "User ID" generated from the Mechi App with the hashtag #mintme. And the best part? You can win 2500 Prunity tokens! 💰 But hurry, only 500 slots are available! Join us now and get a chance to win big while sharing your Mechi experience! 🤩

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