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We help saving our planet by the help of #teamtrees and #teamseas. We donate nft sales and donation to this organization while you get nft planet or token to your crypto wallet and collection.

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Prunity Community - Action to the climate change

Dear Supporters and Contributors, I didn't expect that our goal helping mother earth since March 2022 will become very connected to the current disaster which is the climate change. I want to let you know that since I've already implement our goal saving our planet by planting trees and cleaning the seas with the help of TeamTrees and TeamSeas by the use of Prunity Planets NFT, I would also like to let you know that the recent donation I got from April 13, 2022 was donated to TeamTrees and WE abale to plant 42 Trees! This message was to inform you that all of the donation I received from you will be donated to TeamTrees. I am doing this as a volunteer, Why? I care for our future. What is climate change? Climate change refers to the change in the environmental conditions of the earth

Prunity Planets - Project Proposal

Prunity Token Airdrop until November 1, 2021

You're invited to join our prunity token aidrop just visit click participate to join!

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