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Name: QoriCoin QORI Market Description: Start our new project Crypto currency with the name: QoriCoin acronym (QORI) if you want to be an authorized sales dealer here by writing us. QoriCoin Market is changing the way that people all around the world earn with one simple motto: earn from anywhere, at any time, from any device. Blockchain enables micro-transactions to be carried out in an efficient manner. The difference is around human-centric user interfaces and experiences. Our gamified micro-task platform creates an engaging user experience that encourages active participation with the QORI token community. Impressum: CCTVRADIO GROUPS - Recognizes QoriCoin * - as one of the few communities that in a short time of Foundations known in the ruble of Cryptodivisas, Cryptocurrencies that better service provides to its clients but stand out in the category CryptoDivisas from World to the World. Web Site QoriCoin QORI: http://intiqori.mas.tienda QoriCoin QORI in Github: https://github.com/cctvradio/Qoricoin How is the QoriCoin QORI Protocol decentralized? QoriCoin QORI in Dapp: https://dapp.review/dapp/14818 How is the QoriCoin QORI Protocol decentralized? CCIE in Blockchain: https://wavesexplorer.com/tx/6m7qVkjdCZC4uM3JuEdKA4d3ZK7cJb7BmoJKizva3dnc How is the QoriCoin QORI Protocol decentralized? CCIE in Exchange Waves: https://waves.exchange/trading/spot/6m7qVkjdCZC4uM3JuEdKA4d3ZK7cJb7BmoJKizva3dnc_BTC How is the QoriCoin QORI Protocol decentralized? CCIE in Smart Contracts: https://dapp.review/api/contract/detail/waves/3PApRyBLFVzhsasALNV8G5yENuJz6vJoFeJ

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