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Retrocoin will be moving....
13:11:36 28 Nov, 2021

All retrocoin is moving... The allocated retrocoin within this platform will stay within this platform. Due to the realisation of any cost of converting retrocoin back to FIAT it is not economical for anyone to sell any of retro items in mintme : retrocoin. This makes the operating model of Retrocoin within the mintme platform being used to sell items for our users no viable. They would not be able to sell 20 games from a collection and return anything back to FIAT should they wish to. This will limit the Operation of the coin outside trading within mintme.

Retrocoin can be sold back at the current rate until all mintme exhausted or used to download digital products. No mintme from donations or sales have been withdrawn. The total amount of sales + the initial deposit to create the coin and my own ether is available to buy the coin back.

Created on:
28 Apr 2021
Active orders:
3 745.0000
Release period:
15 year(s)
Hourly installment:
Already released:
4 584 158.1125
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3 773 762.5742
100 000.0000
Sold on the market:
38 732.0133
Not yet released:
5 415 841.8874
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Latest News
22:01:48 03 Jan, 2022

Anyone wishing to trade Retrocoin Mintme for retrocoin on the stellar blockchain please contact me.

13:12:16 31 Dec, 2021

Retrocoin UK is now live on the Stellar Blockchain. I have placed mintme buyback on the site so you can all cash in your retrocoin.

17:12:35 17 Dec, 2021

I have put up mintmen to buyback any retrocoin.

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