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SmartTokens is used to purchase Private Driver, Ride share. Smart Tokens can be used to purchase any Items in our online store, By Supporting our Tokens, we are able to provide free rides to our Senior Community. "Smart Ryders mission is to be the first Rideshare program that accepts tokens. Make sure to check out the "Ride Free Program" coming 2022. details @

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How to Mine Mintme on CoinImp

Panther Network explains How to Mine Mint me. Hopefully, this will bring more exposure to Mint Me.

Panther Show Networks Updates

Panther Show Network will be going Live on Aug 21st 2021, Time: 8pm (Pst). We are currently upgrading our sites to conform with the New YouTube Rules. These new rules requires all YouTube Promoters to reduce the loading time on his/her sites. Once this is done we will post the links and times. Panther Shows will run simultaneously on all network. LiveMe. Paltalk Spoon YouTube We hope to see all investor at the show. Please do not forget to sign up and Subscribe.

Panther Show Network

For more information on the Show and The progress of the Show. You can find all the information here. Make sure to visit Panther Show Network to check their updates.

PantherShowNetwork "Filming" Update

I am proud to say that Panther Network has finished the taping of the first show. I have to correct the release date. They filmed today and the Release dated i have to get it for everyone. Now, it goes to edit which is the part i forgot. "But they Quickly reminded me. And there were some interesting Tokens that the show talked about. I know who they are but i am not allowed to say until the show Air's. "Just how the contract states. They are coming out with a Tokenomics page. I will Post the Date of Air Time as soon as i know or you may feel free to check out the Panther show Network Page for more updates. I believe that when this Air's on the Network our tokens along with some other Tokens will become Very Valuabale Thank you to all of our investor for hanging in there with us.


After having Further talks with the Panther Show Network. It is official that the PSN network will use the SRTV tokens as a Kickback rewards for their Show that they host on the Live.Me platform. I will be posting links with more information. We feel that this is great exposure for our coins and investors. [url=][/url] We have been invited down to Culver City CA, to join them in the studio for his live podcast. Why we like this idea? Live.Me is a Platform in which fans give their D. J's gift against other D.J's. These Gift range from $1-1000. The D.J's work off of Diamonds in which is what the gifts turn into for the D.J's. In return the D.J's cash out their Diamonds for Cash. (the exchange rate is terrible for the D.J's if you ask me. In return for their Gift the panther show will gift out to his fans a set number of SRTV tokens, Which in turn will let his fans start on Mint.Me as a "Welcome in so to speak".

Dogecoinx & SRTV Token Returned

Thanks to the Help of the MintMe team for working on this situation for almost 2 wks. Final email this morning confirms that all of the Tokens that were brought and deposited to the wrong acct has now been restored.

Promo Video & Promoting your Tokens

So as part of our deal that we have with the Panther Show Network, is that they are going to take my top 5 investor's and add them to our Promo Video's. We want to try to also give your Tokens or Project recognition that it Needs. If you have a Token that you have and you have a good basis for your token, then this might be for you. I am putting this out there before it goes into production which is now, But will not show on YouTube until Aug. (This is when they are schedule to hit the air.) So, they are actually making all of their commercials now. So don't be surprised if you get an email from the Network. (YouTube influencers do not take everyone "Especially a Token". So, I feel good about this Network. ... Thank You to the BNCP Network for giving us this Network. I will be posting links to the Youtube page. Make sure you Subscribe.

Partnership (cont)

How does the SRTV token Play a role in all this? Starting his new season on July 21, 2021. SRTV tokens can be used for the On-Demand show , right now i am not to sure what the new shows will be about but just by reading some of the archive shows. Its a really good investment. Check out their Page below [url=][/url]

Working on a Partnership Deal with the Panther Show

So this Past Weekend I had the Pleasure of Speaking with the Host of the Panther Show. We are currently working on a deal to become the Official Transportation for them. We are currently working on the detail of this Deal. After talking with him and his staff, I found out that they are locally with us here in Seattle. He was one of the First station along with about 100 station max. Now, Every local name or Big name is now on this Station. Because it was one of the first 100 small station in 2003 he is now GrandFathered in, which means his Station Fees or basically zero. And his shows actually are on at Prime Time Slots. This is an important factor, Why? Because when you have a Prime Time spot it means you are online when it is the most Viewers. And on this Network, You have to have a good rating to have a Prime Time slot.

To All Smart Ryders LLC investors.

To all My Investors. On June 15, 2021. We experienced a Mix up in our Token Exchange. Basically, My brother went in and did some trading, thinking he was doing the right thing. I hold everyone accountable for their action in this company. My Company and My Name means a lot to me. This happen due to the fact that I had to take family to the airport and when i got back, I was informed of the Situation. I have taken steps to ensure that this does not every happen again. As, He has been relieved of his duties within the Company. For my Investors whom lost money because of the upside down that we suddenly took. I will doing buybacks, Hopefully, this will keep the faith in the company. Thank you for your Support We will Get through this bump in the Road. Arthur CEO

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