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SmartTokens is used to purchase Private Driver, Ride share. Smart Tokens can be used to purchase any Items in our online store, By Supporting our Tokens, we are able to provide free rides to our Senior Community. "Smart Ryders mission is to be the first Rideshare program that accepts tokens. Make sure to check out the "Ride Free Program" coming 2022. details @

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13 May 2021
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15 year(s)
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23:08:49 27 Aug, 2022

We are currently working on trading with other tokens and accepting them in our Network into our rideshare,. however we do not use L bank because L Bank to us does not appropriately help us and it does not work right it has a bad rating also stex is not available for everybody (hopefully that answered the question from our email),. So, which tokens are we planning on working with. Right now since we have branched off and reached out to Sitt , Panther Network We are currently also trying to work with Mrs Sarah's kitchen who will offer food to discount to our seniors whether it be locally or out of town. now because of covid and things trying to get back to whatever the normal is going to be it is taking more time as we have to also remember the time frames of these other companies and they're availability to work with us. Stay tuned for more info as we roll it out to you

22:08:48 27 Aug, 2022

First of all we would like to say thank you for all of those who are still holding on to our tokens. We have been working behind the scenes trying to ensure that our company is solid and secure. This year you will start to notice some change in the status and price of your token. We have partnered with local companies for our rideshare private program with our seniors. We will be giving you website links to visit so that you can see everything that we have been doing over the past year. We do not believe in posting anything until we are solid in what we are doing. We would like to thank Panther Network for all the work that they have done on their station to promote us. Special thanks go out to our Fiverr team for their support on the website for their support on the private pay and a host of other people who we could mention but it would take all day. we are concentrating heavily on our senior program right now. We are currently in a pilot program with three health providers

10:08:54 05 Aug, 2021

Panther Show Network will be going Live on Aug 21st 2021, Time: 8pm (Pst). We are currently upgrading our sites to conform with the New YouTube Rules. These new rules requires all YouTube Promoters to reduce the loading time on his/her sites. Once this is done we will post the links and times. Panther Shows will run simultaneously on all network. LiveMe. Paltalk Spoon YouTube We hope to see all investor at the show. Please do not forget to sign up and Subscribe.

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