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Shiroi is a token on gaming, staking and multiverse. Our aim is to build a staking dapp where you can stake and earn shiroi. We are also planning on building both games and e-commerce store on the block where you as seller can sell or you as a buyer can buy without knowing each other. The e-commerce will be build with a smart Contract and the smart Contract will serve as escrow between the sell and the buyer. Shiroi is currently trading on mintme, Pancakeswap, poocoin and other dex. We are also hiring moderators. The moderators form will be out on the page visit our website for more. Kindly join our community to grow with us.

Created on:
18 Feb 2022
Release period:
- year(s)
Hourly installment:
Already released:
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Wallet on exchange:
17 521.0000
Active orders:
3 041.0000
-20 608.0000
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Latest News
10:02:28 22 Feb, 2022

The trading competition of shiroi. Buy minimum of 1000shi and get 25% of as a rewards. #shiroi #trading #buythedip

08:02:09 19 Feb, 2022

Shiroi is a new listed token on, in other to compensate mintme members we want to hold a trading competition. Note any one that buy shiroi on will get 25% of the bought token as a reward. #shiroi_token #LetUsIn @everrise