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^Referral Link^ Every month 1% of the Smiles held by topholders and reward holders will be added to staking rewards. You can request for me to sell them for you or to send them to an address if you have at least 100. It's best to use the chat function, because I don't always see comments on posts. Sometimes I'll add more for an occasion. I have set up a metamask wallet to burn Smiles. Every month I will burn Smiles equal to the amount of the lottery pot. If you want to burn your own Smiles, I will burn the same amount. 100,519 have been burned so far and it can be tracked here. Burn address: 0x795d9528a3bac0771d0819699002b441a6bDD55a Smiles can be obtained at this Faucet and swapped Here.

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Smiles Available for Swap

Smiles can be swapped at also the store thing I was planning will be much later than expected due to me having trouble buying/selling on here and the current dip in crypto. For now I will be doing what I can to bring more people to MintMe, Have a great day everyone! :)

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