Staking has been discontinued. Those on the list below can still contact me for the coins. I'd like to bring this back sometime in the future but more automated. I have set up a metamask wallet to burn Smiles. Every month I will burn Smiles equal to the amount of the lottery pot. If you want to burn your own Smiles, I will burn the same amount. 100,519 have been burned so far and it can be tracked Burn address: 0x795d9528a3bac0771d0819699002b441a6bDD55a Smiles can be obtained at this and swapped

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27 Apr 2020
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50 year(s)
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1 006 134.0762
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8 993 865.9237
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740 976.1487
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8 726.0000
105 844.0001
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62 382.2578
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Latest News
21:11:11 28 Nov, 2022

I've been away from mintme for while waiting for 2.0 and now it's here. I will be changing some things and being more active.

12:06:24 10 Jun, 2022

Smiles can be swapped at also the store thing I was planning will be much later than expected due to me having trouble buying/selling on here and the current dip in crypto. For now I will be doing what I can to bring more people to MintMe, Have a great day everyone! :)

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