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I'm an achievement hunter ranked at 3,610th place out of 647,013 on the gamerscore leaderboard. There will be an airdrop and +5% staking when I hit top 3,000. This will be the last one because they goal of this was for people to buy Smile with Xbox gift card codes. It hasn't caught on much like the codes I used to post. Every month 1% of the Smiles held by topholders and reward holders will be added to staking rewards. You can request for me to sell them for you or to send them to an address if you have at least 100. It's best to use the chat function, because I don't always see comments on posts. Sometimes I'll add more for an occasion. A lottery will be held the first week of every month. Each Smile bought is an entry, topholders all get 1 free entry. Winner is picked randomly and given the total amount of Smiles bought throughout the week. Buying from yourself is not included. Smiles can be obtained at this Faucet too. Discord Name: adrenilinn Odysee Channel:

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[p]I've started to create some NFTs. I don't have a lot of Wax to buy more RAM to mint more. So I only have this one for now. I'll give one out to anyone who donates at least 1 Wax to this address: 25dda.wam [/p] [p]I'll be making some for the Smile coin holders as well.[/p]

September Lottery Results (77 Smile Pot)

[ul] [li]Sheikh94: 1 - 7[/li] [li]Seven: 8[/li] [li]VirtaShare: 9[/li] [li]Magnus: 10[/li] [li]WestnileOD: 11[/li] [li]Ejayz: 12[/li] [li]Lou: 13[/li] [li]Madsky: 14[/li] [li]Millionaire: 15[/li] [li]Yanni: 16[/li] [/ul] [yt]JI1aIrAS-IY[/yt]

Staking Added and Lottery Starts (Ends on 7th)

September staking has been added and from now on will include the rewards for the 1% bonus. [p]Current Pot: 77 Smiles[/p] [ul] [li]Sheikh94 - 7 Entries[/li] [li]Seven: 1 Entry[/li] [li]VirtaShare: 1 Entry[/li] [li]Magnus: 1 Entry[/li] [li]WestnileOD: 1 Entry[/li] [li]Ejayz: 1 Entry[/li] [li]Lou: 1 Entry[/li] [li]Madsky: 1 Entry[/li] [li]Millionaire: 1 Entry[/li] [li]Yanni: 1 Entry[/li] [/ul]

I did the thing


Top 4,000!

[p] For the next goal at top 3,000 the staking reward has been increased to +5%, because it will be a while till I reach that. The current staking reward has been added. [/p]

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