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StoreCredit Burned (0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead) 05 Dec 2022 - S:0.0002/B:0.0001 - 1,300,000.0000 - 0xa3e2b25b1f4778e66c7c70566b936089f51d8502fca0458a2b52282682126fe7 05 Dec 2022 - S:0.0003/B:0.0002 - 1,200,000.0000 - 0xa0aeaa0d038035eb1b6786dc24d6f967514618174ce0660c7f1a291b150e0ccb 05 Dec 2022 - S:0.0005/B:0.0003 - 1,100,000.0000 - 0x1227384f86a95ae126bb50e5319a46add6521f3f4df886abcf093ffdedc05733 09 Aug 2023 - S:0.0008/B:0.0005 - 1,000,000.0000 - 0x43ad9d8fee3fc536f2352d6a413857c169269b245a5384150b0419009862e464 Total of 4,600,000.0000 StoreCredit burned Want to help burning StoreCredit faster? Send your StoreCredit to our burn account: 0x4CD93A46958094908d56689277d4D09d368Cdcf1

Created on:
29 Aug 2021
Active orders:
1 573 179.0000
Release period:
3 year(s)
Hourly installment:
Already released:
8 337 650.9814
Wallet on exchange:
33 278.3020
-1 954 919.9739
Sold on the market:
6 972 917.1498
Not yet released:
1 662 349.0185
Direct buy volume:
134 226
Latest News
09:08:54 09 Aug, 2023

Today we sold some of the other tokens we owned, so we could buy up to a million StoreCredit and burn them. (0x43ad9d8fee3fc536f2352d6a413857c169269b245a5384150b0419009862e464) This means we burnt 4.6 Million StoreCredit in total. Like we said, we removed the lowest BuyOrder at 0.0005 MintMe. The price of StoreCredit will, from now on, never ever drop bellow 0.0008 MintMe. Ones our Burn Account has 900K StoreCredit in it, we will burn them again.

22:08:19 04 Aug, 2023

600K StoreCredit will sell for 0.0055 MintMe. We placed the first 50% (300K) at this price - We allready burnt 3.600.000 StoreCredit through our StoreCreditBurn account. The account holds over 600K StoreCredit at this point. Ones it holds 1M it will burn them. - After burning we remove the lowest Buy Order. (Only than we make a bit of profit.) You can allways sell back your StoreCredit for MintMe. No Hoax. We keep Buy Orders for ALL StoreCredit out there.

14:04:12 03 Apr, 2023

The last 30% of StoreCredit for 0.0034 MintMe has been placed. When these are gone we sold a total of 700,000 StoreCredit for as low as 0.0034 MintMe. The next 600K Store Credit will sell for 0.0055 MintMe (unless someone sells ofcourse). - Our sales profits get tranfered to our burn account. The account buys StoreCredit only to burn them. It allready burnt 3.600.000 StoreCredit and is holding an other 400K. Ones it holds 1M StoreCredit it will burn them and lowest priced buy order will be removed. - You can allways sell back your StoreCredit for MintMe and MintMe is cheap these days, Making StoreCredit a great investment.