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$TRDG is a project that started off as an inspiration to find the toughest animal in the universe. This was because we believed that in the future when there were market fluctuations our bodies would enter a state of Cryptobiosis. This was meaningful to everyone holding $TRDG, a treasure that would always be able to resurface after any signs of unhabitual life in an extreme situation. This is also why we are known as Extremophiles! Tardigrades.Finance currently offers farming for NFTs and purchasing them through a partnered website. Engaging with the community on a daily basis, the networking group is actively full of artists that will be highlighted every week with the creative pieces. For the buyers and sellers we want to offer a peace of mind to come and share there artwork and also receive there earnings based off our communities purchases! 2D side scroller puzzle and a 3D adventure type game being worked on and will be released on iOS and Android later this year! VR compatible gaming is also on the list! Releasing in May 2021 we have a tracker app that will be able to track $TRDG holders rewards on a daily basis.

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[h1]Congrats #TRDGFAM[/h1] [p]We are now listed on MintMe's trading platform! Our ETH chain token can be actively traded on this exchange and we are also setting up for the BSC side in the future as well![/p] [p]This special announcement will open many more doors for us to pass through and climb the crypto mountain along side with our high volume peers! We are very thankful for our community and strong supporters reaching out to give $TRDG more exposure![/p] [p]Thanks again to everyone behind the scenes and around our social media pages shouting our name everywhere! #TRDGFAM[/p]

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