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USD-Digital-Benjiman Coin is a MintMe backed ERC20 style token. It's crowdsale value set at 1 coins per 1 mintme in December 2020 at 1.0USDB=1.0MintMe at creation.The coin will retain it's fluctuating value at the current and future MintMe value and also by volume. There are only 3 354 456.621USDB in existance. This also gives it the ability to be worth more than the $100 defined value and as MintMe value rises our token value rises. Lastly include the market value and you have current value(1USDB=.0001USD @8/8/2021) per coin. With this value this soon, what might it be in ten years? Don't find out in the future, get USD-DIGITAL-BENJIMAN/USDB Coin now before they are gone, THERE WILL ONLY EVER BE A MAXIMUM 10,000,000 IN EXISTANCE to "Us = Me + You, the Investors" and any collectors to be held and kept for their soon to come increasing values. Note* this token has not yet been released on ether market so all current values are in mintme only. I hope you choose to buy our token and tell others to invest or collect some this keeping the value up and raise the capital necessary to release this token on either the ethereum network or on bsc.scan the BNB Coin Network, then we can all sit back counting the benjimans! Thank you for reading about USD Digital Benjiman. *This token may be burned to keep values as milestones in the project are reached* **Update as of 12/27/2021 the value is 1600MintMe and has a market cap of over 4billion MintMe.**

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Trading your token

If you will follow suit and reach out to your investors to stabilize the current buy and sell order values we all will benefit from this and as we can get higher fair market prices and more mint me coins we can then support each other by buying each of our investors tokens at fair market price using they buy now choice. That then gives us more MintMe per token and this support and collective token investing will reward us all well beyond expectations and surely see us wealthy far sooner than ever thought possible. Thank you for reading my posts and feel free to reach me at for any questions about inflationary processes and the good and bad circumstances and token states or values that can occur.

Smart Trading

Please know that just as I am thankful for your investment as well as dependent on the investments that our market values and wealth is dependent on the stability of MintMe and that is in an entirety including every last token on the chain. So my goal is not to create value to sell but to create values to hold that strengthen our tokens and our bonds to MintMe Token for our future wealth and success as a blockchain with investors, each with character, class, and integrity. I won't be selling many more tokens in the near future for this reason. I like you am very fond of stable token values that can exponentially double as MintMe token value continues to go up!!


Please excuse the volatility in our token. I would like to request that any open sell orders for less than 1600MintMe be closed and updated to a minimum of 1600 but not more than 10000MintMe per coin. Thus is an inflationary process that will lead to higher coin values on all current tokens on the MintMe Blockchain. Granted you do not have to do what I am requesting as I am thankful for your investment in our token and leave you with your choice to sell as you wish at a price you agree to. This is only a request that will stabilize the value and increase the volume and values of not only MintMe but all tokens and will also raise the volumes by defualt. It also will increase the market caps across the board for those who have volumes over 10000 MintMe every 30 days. Thank you again for investing in USD DIGITAL BE NJIMAN TOKEN.


[img][/img]I just wanted to thank everyone who has invested in our Token USD DIGITAL BENJIMAN. I hope we can make it to a value of around 11000 Mint Me per coin then our token will be worth about ONE REAL BENJIMAN/$100.00USD per token. That is the goal and thanks to you we are getting there a lot faster than I thought it would. Thank you again so very much for investing in our token.

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