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USD-Digital-Benjiman Coin is an ethereum backed ERC20 token. It's crowdsale value set at 6 coins per 1 ethereum in December 2020 at 6.0USDB=1.0ethereum at creation.The coin will retain it's fluctuating value at the current and future ethereum value instead of by volume permanently. It does this by storing permanently all ethereum sent to the contract address. This unusable ethereum value is then dispersed evenly among the total number of coins in existance. This case there are only 3 354 456.621USDB in existance. This also gives it the ability to be worth more than the $100 defined value and as ethereum value rises coin value rises. Lastly include the market value and you have current value(1USDB=104.234USD @12/15/2020) per coin. With this set value, what might it be in ten years? Don't find out in the future, get USD-DIGITAL-BENJIMAN/USDB Coin now before they are gone &&(5600000 IN EXISTANCE) to the coin collectors only to be held and kept for their soon to come increasing values.

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