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WHACKD was initiated in November of 2019 by John McAfee and his team. McAfee’s vision was to hold up a mirror to society. It should be shown how parasitic malicious actors constantly skim values from society. In addition, the project aims to remove the power of influential entities (market manipulators), which otherwise can do whatever they want and instead reward the well-intentioned participants (holders). Originally planned as a social experiment, the project has so far found many enthusiastic supporters. After McAfee’s death in June 2021, a growing community has formed, working together to push the idea of WHACKD and thus McAfee’s legacy forward. WHACKD is a deflationary asset and has a burn mechanism embedded in the token’s smart contract. With every single transaction, a portion of the tokens sent is sacrificed to the burn address and these tokens are thus taken out of circulation forever. In addition, every 1000th transaction is fully burnt.

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23 Aug 2021
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