Good news on top of more good news!
20:12:45 16 Dec, 2021

As some of you know, GitCoin's Grants Round 12 will end in a few hours. While the Quadratic Funding was a full sham, it still motivated me and many others to get involved into the whole funding open source and good movements overall. I took this round way more seriously than the last ones, had to also jump through a lot of hooves and hops but it was worth it, as we almost reached our 700$ funding goal. If you're feeling generous and want to push the whole thing closer to the goal, feel free to poke at it - Polygon has really low transfer fee, not as good as MintMe or XatteR ;-) but still way better than any other major crypto. But wait! There's more good news: we started having new coding contributors, particularly from a very skilled coder that is just awesome and clicks with the project, so we've achieved so much progress these last 2 weeks coding wise. Each day we're getting closer and closer to finally releasing Ancient Beast v0.4! 🐺🚀

This is utility token for the game project. Initially it will help with securing some funding it order to facilitate development and maintenance. Token monthly dividend, how you can benefit: hold XatteR tokens on MintMe you must be in top 10 holders for every 100 XTR you receive 1 dividend amounts are not divisible you must provide address to receive [/UL] Current functionality for the token: monthly dividend reward, see above allow voting of project direction can tip others in the Discord server can purchase special roles in Discord freelance artists in our Discord server [/UL] Faucets where you can earn XatteR from: Known token listings: [/UL] Way more functionality is planned for later: units stats and ability balancing battle other players for the token access to special online game modes In the Factions online mode, XTR will be used for: materialize owned units and shield Dark Priest from harm acquire lands from various realms in order to build cities staking the token to generate interest, plasma or even NFTs build unit dwellings that will generate units periodically recruit additional units, can die within combat or siege The vanilla version of the game will always be free to play, but those who want to get more content can use the token to acquire NFTs to customize and expand it: combat location backgrounds unlocking additional tracks access to new playable units alternative skins for units customize Dark Priest looks ns7UlmkhS0U

Created on:
03 Jul 2021
Release period:
10 year(s)
Hourly installment:
Already released:
4 571 836.6551
Not yet released:
5 428 163.3448
Wallet on exchange:
4 237 552.3293
Active orders:
1 384.0000
4 529.0000
Sold on the market:
21 072.8267
Direct buy volume:
Latest News
18:09:00 14 Sep, 2022

Greetings! For a limited time you can greatly help out the project with a mere $1 donation in crypto which will get amplified a few times by a matching (quadratic) funding 🚀 Even a reshare might go a long way 🙏🏻

16:08:12 01 Aug, 2022

July dividends were just sent to all the top XTR holders fitting criteria. This month there was a 2x special dividend bonus to all the top 10 investors who commented on a previous post 🥳 Might do some more specials from time to time to keep things interesting 😎 Jagjaguwar108 - I've sent 6 XTR dividend. MineMintTeam - Eligible for 6 XTR, but forfeited as usual. WestnileOD - I've sent 6 XTR dividend. ZadeShare - I've sent 6 XTR dividend. ktiedt - I've sent 4 XTR dividend. Z1N - I've sent 1 XTR dividend. Inannova - I've sent 1 XTR dividend. Ejayz - I've sent 1 XTR dividend. Centipede5 - I've sent 1 XTR dividend. DogSwap - I've sent 1 XTR dividend. Thank you all for supporting the token / 🐺 project! 🚀

13:07:56 29 Jul, 2022 XatteR has been (finally💤) added to 🪙🌶️ You can find it here ✖️ Don't forget to log in and set it as a favorite from the left side ⭐ P.S.: Dividend day is quickly coming in only 3 days! 😎

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