MintMe fuck-up but you get to profit
13:07:25 08 Jul, 2022

As some of you might know, MintMe pawned the pending orders of some of the tokens, including XatteR. I've set up new ones, enjoy the discount while it lasts! -> Don't worry about the lack of buy orders atm, that will get fixed soon, as me and others constantly buy back at a fair price! 😎

This is utility token for the game project. Initially it will help with securing some funding it order to facilitate development and maintenance. Current functionality for the token: - allow voting of project direction - can tip others in the Discord server - can purchase special roles in Discord - freelance artists in our Discord server Faucets where you can earn XatteR from: Known token listings: Way more functionality is planned for later: - units stats and ability balancing - battle other players for the token - access to special online game modes In the Factions online mode, XTR will be used for: - materialize owned units and shield Dark Priest from harm - acquire lands from various realms in order to build cities - staking the token to generate interest, plasma or even NFTs - build unit dwellings that will generate units periodically - recruit additional units, can die within combat or siege The vanilla version of the game will always be free to play, but those who want to get more content can use the token to acquire NFTs to customize and expand it: - combat location backgrounds - unlocking additional tracks - access to new playable units - alternative skins for units - customize Dark Priest looks

Created on:
03 Jul 2021
Active orders:
1 247.0000
Release period:
10 year(s)
Hourly installment:
Already released:
5 156 684.9476
Wallet on exchange:
4 815 679.4993
4 529.0000
Sold on the market:
20 940.7979
Not yet released:
4 843 315.0523
Direct buy volume:
Latest News
14:02:13 25 Feb, 2024

We just surpassed 1500 ⭐ on GitHub -> 🐺 Let's see how fast we'll reach 1600 now 🚀 Constantly rising as one of the most popular games on the platform. Enjoy ultra cheap XatteR while you can 🐻

11:02:57 03 Feb, 2024

Good news! XatteR/ won 3rd place: That means 5 1000x (about 5000 MintMe tokens). Thanks for your support! <3

02:12:42 15 Dec, 2023

We got whitelisted for an application to Polygon's Village Buidl funding round via Giveth in case we make it in top 100 out of 277, so we could really use a vote here: Requirements would be a crypto wallet on Polygon network, to be whitelisted for voting (around 10k accounts) and some tiny bit of MATIC for the gas.

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