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Let's do some serious marketing for MintMe, learn the basics about Crypto, collaborate with me to get your project thriving and improve your life with the Millionaire's Club as we crowdsource the onboarding of millions to the blockchain. GitBook: (Still work in Progress) Website: (Only has Basic Token Info so far) Twitter: This will have five parts done in increments: First: Planning and Creating a large and custom marketing campaign for MintMe. MintMe is undervalued as a coin and the ecosystem isn't known by enough people. This is a fundamental issue that everyone who has a project on MintMe needs to spend some focus and effort on, so that's the first thing we're going to be doing here at the Zarali project. Without people being on MintMe and using MintMe it would be difficult to fulfill any of our other ambitious plans. As I'm planning a similar marketing campaign for another blockchain I'm highly active on and have some of the base necessities ready to go (as well as some concrete plans) this will be easy to delve myself into. This will leverage some of the best tools in the world, for exceptional results. - MintMe & Tokenization additional use cases brain storm - A thorough Twitter campaign for MintMe - Graphics we can use - Hashtags which will help spread awareness of MintMe and the powerful aspects of this platform. - Collaboration with project devs to help get the word out. - Leveraging the best tools on the market to boost MintMe higher! Secondly; learning the basics about Crypto, Blockchain concepts, the financial system and money You'll learn the basics as well as how the system works to keep us down; letting you fundamentally understand what's broken with the system and why blockchain provides the solutions. We will have many people entering the Crypto space over the next ten years who may not be familiar with Crypto currencies and blockchain projects; as such it's prudent to find creative ways to explain these basic concepts to them. I can do so in the exclusive member only posts here, an exclusive niche community and by using the other tokens I created to showcase and let everyone get a hands on experience with it all. One of these is also hosted on MintMe; the other four are on SmartBCH a DEFI smart chain. In addition I'll share valuable information about running a token project, navigating the crypto world and much more; things I've learned over the years. Some of this is expected middle 2023; with the ability to branch out to other blockchains for a more complete understanding of the Crypto Space. Thirdly: The mass onboarding of people into Crypto via using Zarali and MintMe as an onboarding ramp. This will involve taking the creative bespoke marketing and crowdsourcing program from earlier to get everyone to see the benefits of blockchain and crypto technology, then showing them how using it can benefit them personally to build their brands. As more and more people use blockchain technology to boost their own endeavors, and bring their fans and followers here it'll create a snowball effect of adoption. This is planned to begin in 2023 and eventually branch out to include ways to tokenize on other blockchains for those who learn the basics. Fourthly; Projects and individuals can choose to collaborate with me to get on into blockchain and or to boost our collective projects and the blockchains and platforms we care about. As you learn you can choose to get involved with crypto; this includes learning some cool places to play around with crypto, collaborating with others to find great projects and to tokenize your own service or project properly via MintMe and other cool blockchains. I will provide a number of custom and cool services and products to help your project thrive. In fact, many of the things I'll be using for the MintMe Marketing campaign can be gotten by project devs for their own projects, you can see this being slowly offered in the token shop. This will help drive adoption over time as each new person using these resources will boost the whole ecosystems where we are active. Expected to begin also in 2023. Lastly; improving your skills and life with the Millionaire's club. This will start with Social Media Marketing to help you gain influence and then move into other more interesting bits of knowledge. The Millionaire's club will become one of the most innovative and disruptive membership clubs; one for which I've been quietly amassing information to share with it's members. First it will be information, then it'll lead to networking and collaboration on a much larger scale. You will learn to us leverage, make an impact on your world and thrive. Expected to begin later in 2023. Once Zarali deploys on the MintMe blockchain and I get it rolling properly those who hold other tokens I have created will get some Zarali here. Yes, I will bring other people here just as I'll be showing people from here other resources to boost their communities, to grow their token project and to overall improve our lives! Governance: To Make a Proposal on the Vote / Governance Section you need to hold 100 Zarali tokens. To Vote you simply vote with your Zarali balance. Zarali Partners: Konra Project (On SmartBCH) @ Konra Kingdom's Crypto World (AirDrops & Marketing help) - Private Communities by Konra Project Lizza Token ( Global Nexus (Exclusive Social media Community) Become a Zarali supporter or Sponsor and feature your Project here :) Thank you to our Loyal Supporters: Innovative token Project focused on Music and Dance, where investors support the Dance and Music show thereby empowering Content Creators. Dance and Music Token project are prolific supporters of both MintMe and many of the token projects here. Mini Road Map: - Zarali Project Tokenized, Token created. (Done) - Some of the first posts created; some of them for members only. (Done) - First AirDrop deployed. (Done) - Initial Sell and Buy orders created. (Done) - Twitter AirDrop (Coming soon) - Twitter Marketing (Part 1 being done now) - Share Zarali with in various larger token communities as well as our partners. - Get Zarali token to have it's first 25 Holders - More gradual sell orders made over time; more opportunity for buying and selling. (Doing it now) - Create marketing materials to onboard more people to MintMe and crypto in general. - Deeper buy back orders (Partially done) - Resources for MintMe and Project Devs (Finding & Compiling list now) - Being active on MintMe Hashtag on Twitter (Doing it now) - Being active on MintMe Discord (Soon) - Moving capital to MintMe to work with (Done - part 1 & part 2) - Preparing airdrop communities to gain more exposure to MintMe (In Progress now) - Create an exclusive niche community; in Partnership with Konra Kingdom (Done) - Add Services to the Token Shop for Project Dev's (Partially Done) - Establish the Consulting to find clients to tokenize their project - Innovative Use Cases for MintMe & Tokenization on MintMe Brainstorm - Onboard the first client to tokenize their project or service - Establish the Millionaire's club officially; set dues and ways to gain membership officially - Create initial resources for the Millionaire's club - Gain the first official member of the Millionaire's club - Create the main community for the Millionaire's club (basic framework done) - Teach the first few people the basics about Crypto; using multiple avenues and projects to showcase concepts (Brainstorm being done) - Teach the few about peer to peer currency and get them onboarded to some resources - Teach the first few about Smart Side Chains, onboard them properly - Activate the Living Chain; to bring adoption to the masses - Get 100 Holders for Zarali - Have active trade for Zarali (Partially done) - Deploy Zarali on MintMe (Done) - Zarali project collaborating on more products / services with Konra SmartBCH project (ongoing) - Zarali Project finding more partners in SmartBCH and the BCH community - Find community volunteers help me create some more Resources to showcase and educate - Collaborate with multiple other projects; here and on SmartBCH and potentially on other chains Some Road Map items can still change; they are not presented in order & more coming soon!

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18 Oct 2022
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5 year(s)
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01:06:47 03 Jun, 2023

So far only 2.9 Million Zarali have been released. Over 2/ 3rds of the supply are still waiting to be released, gradually at 178 tokens per hour, over multiple years. There will only be 10 Million Zarali, ever. 10 Million. That's even less than Bitcoin....

22:06:09 02 Jun, 2023

It's finally presentable. Still not completely finished but I refined it enough to give the basics of the project.

21:06:29 02 Jun, 2023

No matter what project you cheer, which blockchain you love - you will want to help the Zarali project! No matter who you are, or what circumstances bring you into crypto the onboarding of millions of people is highly important to all of us: Whatever project you cheer on; this benefits you what project or token you have invested in; mass adoption benefits you which is your favorite blockchain is; more adoption helps boost all chains what sector you're active in; increased decentralization boost blockchain innovation If you're tired of the world or how things are done. An increase in blockchain adoption will help improve things for everyone. So if you're into Bitcoin, DogeChain, Binance Smart Chain or on smaller chain like MintMe - YOU want to collaborate and help Zarali succeed. This is just one of those rare projects working on tackling a use case that will benefit everyone if all hands are on deck.

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