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BossToken is a coupon you could receive a return off of. Yes a coupon you could actually invest in making the possibilities endless. We at the poeplesdesidgn look to innovate for the future with my token and all other tokens interested in pushing the mintme platform and crypto currency in a whole. With BossToken we're taking promotion to a new level and reaching for the stars. Being a coupon means that BossToken isn't considered money but it is a reward token which means we have ways to earn it and are making more ways to earn it so you could us it at different shops for a discount on an item or you could hold and wait for price to go up and drop a couple. How much the coupon is worth will be concurrent to the price of the token at the point of time so ill look to keep price fairly stable while still trying to push price and promote.

Created on:
16 Oct 2020
Active orders:
60 396.0000
Release period:
30 year(s)
Hourly installment:
Already released:
1 339 207.4849
Wallet on exchange:
874 711.3504
200 202.0000
Sold on the market:
55 344.2447
Not yet released:
8 660 792.5150
Direct buy volume:
Latest News
20:02:12 13 Feb, 2022

I'm currently growing a youtube channel, if you haven't checked it out yet here's a link . What I'm currently looking for is developers that wouldn't mind being on camera, promoting their project/s, and answering a couple questions about crypto development. Feel free to leave a message on THE OFFICIAL BOSSTOKEN DISCORD channel To be considered for an interview. I'm looking for 3-4 developers, once found the airdrop for this message will end.

21:09:11 18 Sep, 2021

Features various crypto currencies including Mintme and some mintme coins. So come by and check out this traditional faucet if you want to faucet for things like BossToken, MMXMR, or even Eubi and a couple of other interesting projects. If you haven't checked this one out give it a go also, Feature alot of the most popular mintme projects you may want to invest in. Quick and easy manual faucet that serve almost soley mintme coins. This is a pretty kool project that I'm happy to be featured in, So give it a try. Both of these faucets are awesome fairly new fuacets that you can visit anytime and collect you some BossToken. More kool projects to come in the future and I'll keep you guys up to date with the next development.

21:09:25 18 Sep, 2021

BossToken and MMXMR collaboration now brings us another place to mind some mintme coins. This place is . This miner can be ran off of any device thats from your desktop to your phone, and yes you do catch hashes on your phone with this miner. So come by to webmine with the dopest pool in crypto!