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🍷H@om@🍷 Haoma is going to take a path less traversed by currency communities and will begin at a specific starting point. If done correctly, this beginning point has a lot of potential for mainstream customers. This is because Haoma Token intends to enter the mainstream industry such as Decentralized Media, Animation and working apps & protocols. haoma faucet https://opensea.io/haoma // https://github.com/HaomaToken/Haoma https://drive.google.com/file/d/1heAH6BMYPmQF-k9Vx1L7nUtVJj9SEu1g/view?usp=sharing We appreciate your support + We have some extreme changes in our project. We are about to release Multiple projects ! that already begun and in process. + Follow The posts! For more exciting updates.

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If you will like haoma, to exist at more platforms ! You must read this post . . .

[h1]“I cannot afford to waste yours and neither mine time while crypto market is way too harsh these days ! ”[/h1] [p]I do have a simple question ! [h3] If you will like to trade haoma at more trust worthy platform just like or better than BITMONKY[/h3] platform. [/p] [h1]Just comment below ! [/h1] + [url=][b][h6]I can reward First 100 people with 10% of haoma token ( max- 1k haoma ) if they buy haoma . ( Valid from 14 may 2022 )[/h6] [i][url=]Just comment below your wallet address and i will verify and if done ! you will get your reward from me as soon as possible.[/url][/i] [/b][/url]

Offer : To become one of Hoama App V I P !

[url=]https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.advse.haoma[/url] [h1]Cost : 10k haoma Token[/h1] [p]You will get 0.1 million haoma credits. + You will get paid for donating haoma credits (As per 1k credits = 1 haoma token) + if you stay in top 10 position (In haoma app donators "Leaders" list.) ____________You will get Actual Reward x2 . . . x11 as per your position.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Imp : If rewards gets delivered then your Donation amount fall to ZERO ."[/p] Pay Here : 0x79b4A1FFee54E4F7d0eF7F9D5Fb85a68315B8BeD

Sell 1 k haoma to get 1k haoma credits

Why ? To improve liquidity. Offer valid from 9 may 2022 [h1]Sell minimum 1k haoma token and [/h1] comment below 👇 your haoma app username to receive haoma credits. [url=]https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.advse.haoma[/url]

Buy 100 haoma and get 1k haoma credits .

[h1]Haoma credits [/h1] you can simply boost your website/YouTube videos etc. By 1k haoma credits that is equal to 1k Views/hits and also watch time. haoma app Offer valid from 9 may 2022.

We are about to announce a new launch "haoma faucet pay!"

Check this , "Haoma run" game . . .( beta version ) live in our app.

[url=]https://github.com/HaomaToken/haoma_games/blob/main/BooxTm.apk[/url] In Complete Version, You will earn haoma Tokens by completing each lap, Game is almost done ! We are working on withdrwal methods, stay tuned.

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