Help that really gets there - accompanying and supporting children When children are free from economic pressure, they can develop freely and optimally at any age. They develop visions for their own lives and discover goals to work towards. Adults can hinder or encourage this spiritual growth. Poverty and scarcity stand in the way of a life-affirming path. This is where Helpkidz Coin comes in and builds a growing community through decentralised economic activity. Basic projects and developer solutions for children are financially supported and promoted. Phase 1 - Smart Contract - Website - Social Media - White Paper Phase 2 - Token presale - New Social Media Influencer - Apply for the BSCscan logo and social profiles Phase 3 - Token listing on Pancakeswap - Support for first projects - Great publicity on Discord channels Phase 4 - Listing TOKPIE Market - Listing Coingecko Phase 5 - Team expansion - Signing up with a top marketing agency - Collaboration with an A-list star - end burning max. 10 million coins - Metaverse teaser - Update timetable - Metaverse publication Official Website: Live Chart: Exchange: our newspartner: our votingpartner:

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21 Aug 2023
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