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Making Digital Gold is a website designed as a revenue sharing platform where all profits generated from the site are used to purchase back makingDG tokens at increasing prices. Token Buy Back Rules: Any funds obtained as profit generated from the Making Digital Gold site will be used to purchase back makingDG tokens Buy Orders from site profit will be created 1% above the current highest Buy Order Profites will updated daily or when there is enough to make a Buy Order worth at least 0.1 USD (Mintme Rules) Any funds from a filled Sell Order by Order Maker makingDG will have the funds posted as a Buy Order at 98% of the price to cover the trading fees

Created on:
24 Nov 2022
Active orders:
1 000 000.0000
Release period:
50 year(s)
Hourly installment:
Already released:
2 199 023.1761
Wallet on exchange:
1 002 058.7865
Sold on the market:
Not yet released:
7 800 976.8238
Direct buy volume:
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