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https://linktr.ee/withinthevacuum 8W8 is part of the MTCG ecosystem: https://mtcg.glitch.me/ 8_withinthevacuum_8, is a multidisciplinary artist known for his captivating mandalas and ethereal music. His visual art captures the dance of nature and the infinite spiral, while his music explores sonic landscapes inspired by the interconnectedness of the natural world. 8_withinthevacuum_8 actively collaborates with other musicians, fusing diverse influences to create unique soundscapes. His research delves into alternative systems such as the 9-month calendar, while his involvement in platforms like Decentralized Desires and collaborations with TEC Commons and the Infinite Imaginarium reflect his engagement with decentralized technologies and communal creativity. 8_withinthevacuum_8 art, music, and research invite viewers and listeners to embrace alternative perspectives and delve into the interconnected beauty of the cosmos.

Created on:
14 Oct 2022
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8 454.0000
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3 year(s)
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5 607 239.3834
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4 660 365.6717
20 000.0000
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560 704.6258
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4 392 760.6165
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1 824
Latest News
16:11:56 22 Nov, 2023

So I've been working on my solo album, time passes in this mountain cabin and the songs flow with the sound of the wind and the birds, it's my best work so far... #newmusic #newrecord #music

18:11:21 17 Nov, 2023

Hey Good News!! "Fall in love" the new collaborative song between Eclipsingbinary and I will be available as an NFT in https://www.sound.xyz/withinthevacuum from tomorrow. Get yours and collaborate with the creation of more music and art. By the way, I'm producing my new album! "Energy Field" 🥳

04:11:21 09 Nov, 2023

Hey! Great news! I've been accepted as an Artist in sound.xyz so my next song in collaboration with @eclipsingbinary it's going to be available there as an NFT in Limited Edition and also in all the regular platforms from November 18th.