Differences between quick trade and regular trade

When it comes to buying and selling tokens or coins, there are two main methods: regular trade and quick trade. In this article, we will explore these methods in more detail.


1. Regular Trade:

The regular trade method involves buyers and sellers placing orders for specific prices, and transactions occur when the orders match. With regular trade, you have the flexibility to set your desired buying or selling price for tokens. This method provides greater control over the pricing of tokens to be bought or sold. Regular trade is available on the market page, where you can place buy and sell orders for tokens.


2. Quick Trade:

Quick Trade is a convenient and faster way to buy and sell tokens on MintMe.com. This method is particularly useful if you are looking to complete transactions quickly without having to wait for the market to match your buy or sell order.

If the creator sets sale orders, you can purchase tokens directly from those orders using the Quick Trade feature. Even if the creator hasn't set up any sale orders, you can still use the Quick Trade feature to make donations to the creator. It is worth noting that if there are no buy orders available for the token you wish to sell, attempting to sell using the Quick Trade option will not work.

Quick Trade is available on all subpages on the right side for easy access, allowing you to quickly buy or sell tokens as needed.


1. Regular Trade:

The regular trade method for coins works the same way as for tokens. You can place buy and sell orders for specific prices and quantities, giving you full control over the price at which you buy or sell a specific currency.

2. Quick Trade:

Using the Quick Trade feature in coin markets will allow you to buy or sell one of our supported cryptocurrencies at the lowest or highest market price available, respectively. Unlike with tokens, Quick Trade for coins uses all available orders from the market, not just the creator's orders.

In conclusion, regular trade provides more control over the price of tokens/coins to be bought or sold, while quick trade provides a faster and more straightforward way of buying and selling tokens/coins. Additionally, when using the quick trade option to buy user-created tokens, you can directly support the creator. Both regular and quick trade methods are available on the market page for both tokens and coins.