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3 Essential steps to get started into crypto

Mar 4, 2021

           Perhaps you have heard about crypto and at this point, you are wondering how you can get started and do something with it. Because it is not just “easy” to become an expert from one day to another or understand technical aspects of blockchain technology just from reading a blog. But, this post is dedicated to new starters to help them learn 3 essential steps to start a journey as a crypto enthusiast and possibly start making money with it.

Don’t get stuck: There are multiple possibilities

          As a first point, we need to state that crypto has evolved, it is multiple and it varies tremendously, from coins created to support a specific platform such as Facebook, to the creation of tokens or custom cryptocurrencies like the ones you create at MintMe. Many people get stuck when they learn about crypto because for them everything in crypto is exclusively related to Bitcoin. But the truth is that Bitcoin is just the very first crypto-asset created using blockchain tech, and even though it remains the most valuable crypto-coin it is not the only one available or strong in the market and it is absolutely not the one and only way to get started into crypto.

For first starters that have no money to invest, Bitcoin can end up being just a bad way to help them believe in the possibilities because BTC is hard to mine with any internet of things device and also because the competition is tougher. Those who are somewhat stubborn would just invest a lot of money in setting up a Bitcoin mining farm or get some ASICs machines or plainly put money on some exchange and start trading taking advantage of the fluctuations. But let’s be honest, most people who get into crypto have no money to invest at all or have no knowledge to trade on exchanges to make a profit out of it.

Having this clear mindset can lead us to find real opportunities for us that will not get us discouraged as new starters. For instance, if you want to start by becoming a miner there are multiple altcoins that can be mined easily such as MintMe Coin through javascript miners as Coinimp. Creating tokens for free and crowdfund for your projects or simply start selling your products through custom cryptocurrencies is a direct way to get monetized in crypto. But overall, this understanding will come when you recognize that what makes crypto special is not the money itself but the technology behind it.

Recognize the underlying technology

          Blockchain technology is complex, and it is more than just the technology that makes possible the existence of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is a new system of secure data sharing- recording of information- and a trustable history of transactions. This complex ecosystem is also full of possibilities and crypto just happens to be one of them. Smart contracts, Defi plans, and more make the blockchain a technology that is complete like no other in modern times.

Even the cryptocurrencies created before such as Bitcoin with the Bitcoin Blockchain have limitations that coins created afterward have surpassed. With time more and more coins have been able to call themselves “an improved version” because even though the premise for any cryptocurrency kept being the same, the underlying technology has not stayed being. If we want to become crypto enthusiasts it is our job to remain aware of the changes in the crypto environment and how the technology behind it can serve for a better good even in everything we do.

Ask for the advice of experience

          You are not alone. More than anything else, if you decide that you want to join the crypto world you have to know that you are not the only one, and you are not the only person who may have gotten into it starting from zero. Not everybody has been all wins or all lose and nobody is a complete expert when they start. But, it is one of the principal reasons why Blockchain-crypto-related projects have a lot of exclusive communities: communication is essential.

You can find many communities that you can join and have access to quality information about what to do, by people who have had more experience than you using crypto or trading in a platform. Don’t be afraid to ask for their advice and make the right questions. This is not like writing in any forum, I am really talking about joining public channels and being able to interact with an experienced person such as a telegram or discord channel which has become the preferred platforms of the crypto communities.

Most importantly, it is common to find scams in any way you can imagine at this point. Even though there are “rules” to identity crypto scams, if you are not sure about something that sounds too good to be true, then you have to take action based on more than just one piece of advice. Allowing yourself to speak up about your doubts also can help the community and crypto project grow in confidence.

Mary Schwartz