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Blockchain, Tokenization and the University Campus

Mar 23, 2022

           We know a thousand ways in which technology helps us every day. However, the path still opens new possibilities as it is at the educational level, specifically at the university level (it is only one of them, it is not necessarily the only one). Imagine for a moment having your tuition, paying it, having your transcript and, better yet, your degree certification on the blockchain. Have a token usable on campus, exchangeable between students who provide value, make forums, journals, essays, internships and this rewards you with an intangible value such as a token. Apart from earning and having a unique identifier in each of these aspects, they in turn provide value to a digital token of the university that gives value in the economic aspect.

If we see the student as the center of the campus, then everything should revolve around them, and that around them is a fertile ground in blockchain and tokenization to explore in its applicability. Paying tuition, paying professors, evaluations, certification per course completed, projects, university degree; in other words, everything, absolutely everything is a medium where a token can be useful. We are not just talking about paying for a university with cryptocurrencies, it goes much further, it is giving value to life on campus. Everything that revolves around the campus and the student, who is the main protagonist, should be tokenized. Each individual would have a unique identifier that feeds itself with everything he or she does in life on campus.

It is a field yet to be explored and a lot to go further, how universities can relate to each other by sharing information and value, which in turn would make a university token more useful and would give economic value to a university token. Being able to have all your information on the blockchain making it secure against fraud and having your information at hand no matter where you are and in an agile and secure way.

Imagine the savings in time and money to always have all your university information at hand and have it available when you need it; save time and effort in documentation and regulations that can take days and maybe you notice at the end of these involuntary errors that must be returned for correction or worse yet realize that your data and information was violated and duplicated in another identity. Nothing that is not happening today.

Now, we know that it is not enough just to have the idea, there are other factors that must come into play in order to materialize this, such as university regulation that adds tokenization as a means of storage for each individual on campus, having the necessary technology for its development (this part is already advanced with tokenization) and very important is the governmental legal framework that allows technology to be a benefit in university life. States must allow universities to develop and implement these initiatives to generate value and become increasingly self-sufficient in their daily life.

As we can see, there is still a long way to go, but the opportunity is there, hence the importance of carrying out programs or conversations in this regard to introduce tokenization in university life, which would give more power to each individual to have their data and information, give security, as well as an added value to the university, placing it at the forefront of university tokenization.

Irving Arrieta