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Blockchain trust: Independent artists supported by their communities.

Feb 8, 2021

           We always talk about trust whenever we talk about blockchain technology because of a variety of reasons, people can have more authorship, blockchain is not subject to human mistakes, everlasting records, and one of the most important characteristics: direct connections and self-reliability.

Blockchain and freelance

          Independent artists or digital creators nowadays struggle to survive not because they don’t have the opportunities to grow in the media, but because they are usually “squeezed” by platforms that take a huge portion of their earnings or because of a system in which they cannot get paid what they really deserve. The reality for many is that they don’t have the chance to securely sell their work or service directly to their community or clients.

Blockchain to begin with offered the chance to get paid in a coin (crypto) that could be transferable from any place in the world and that could allow people to save their money without the need for a third person such as banks. But this was just the beginning of how the system started to change to allow people to organize their payment ecosystem to benefit lineal cooperation between them and their communities.

Getting support through tokenization

          Yes, cryptocurrencies were the beginning of a movement, but it was a movement that continued to develop more and more until it was possible for people to issue their own money. The tokenization process now allows people not only to sell their products but to provide people with a token that represents what they bought and that gives them the chance as well to claim their purchases.

In this aspect, when it comes to token creation, is when the trust issue is addressed the most because the reality is that people cannot rely on a system that doesn’t offer the possibilities to claim what is theirs. But overall projects such as MintMe are designed to not only allow people to connect directly with one another but to profit, from the perspective of a creator when people give them support and from the perspective of a token buyer who can also trade and earn on the success of the creator.

Independent artists can now have the chance to rely on themselves and receive direct support through blockchain technology and the creation of tokens. Of course, self-knowledge helps to define the objectives in a realistic way and allows to establish priorities and make things work. But it is necessary to also count on a platform that can allow us to define the way to achieve the goals that we consider important to us. Once you know what is important for your happiness and well-being, you must set short, medium, and long-term goals in order to take action. The important thing is to go step by step to achieve the transformation that we need and to develop into a better situation.

Having the possibility to receive support directly from those who believe in what we do is an even higher level from that of influencers interacting with their followers on social media. Increasing trust through the blockchain and creating tokens is also another level for the freelance-world. Interacting in a more personal level and generating a special space in which is possible to transact, share exclusive/protected material, sell on your own accord, deliver faster and more efficiently, all in an ecosystem built specially to make it happen

Mary Schwartz