Cryptocurrencies and tourism

Sep 22, 2022

           We are just coming out of the summer and many people still want to continue in vacation mode, others have not yet left their jobs, but are already thinking about a few days of relaxation for the end of the year. Whether as a couple or with the family; maybe even alone, we always want to enjoy a moment of pleasure in a different, fun and well-attended place. But this costs money, in many cases more than we can afford at the moment. So, we give up on the idea and simply stay at home.

But what if instead of worrying about our credit card and the payments and interest on charges made, we could take those days off with an alternative payment method, easy, agile and without major obstacles and commissions? A safe and reliable method, tradable from anywhere in the world, with no more restrictions than what we are willing to pay? Well, that means it exists and it is none other than the blockchain and its derivatives in cryptocurrencies.

The operator: hotels, resorts, tour agencies, airlines.

          No one wants to be left behind or be the last to arrive, so there are already multiple hotel options (more than 40,000 around the world) that are accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment and thus massify and diversify their customer network, as well as large resort companies, tours and airlines that allow payment of their reservations and tickets through cryptos. For them it is a challenge and something new, but they do not want to wait to see what happens, they take the initiative while also positioning themselves in marketing to a new generation that sees in the crypto era a new digital medium to make transactions, including those of enjoyment.

Does this currently present challenges to be overcome? Of course it does, but that's where we're headed. For example, hotels still have to operate from their portals with an Exchange (a third party in their operations) to charge their customers. Likewise, the exchange rate, since the market is so volatile, means that a price inquiry only has a certain time in minutes to complete it, otherwise it will be updated according to the market, so the customer must decide on the best time to make a reservation or purchase; the same situations are experienced by airlines and excursion companies. On the part of the customer and the place of accommodation also presents another challenge, when they want to charge for other expenses to their blockchain account such as drinks or food not initially included and that must be charged at the time of consumption (how to pay for it, whether before or at the end of their stay? as this will affect the price for both parties). But let's not keep on the challenges, these are already being addressed and corrected and rather new actors are increasingly being added who also want to participate.

Let's remember that the idea is to be able to take the crypto era to more and more sectors so that it becomes more popular, massified and cheaper, to the benefit of all.

The customer: enjoyment and relaxation.

          Many times we plan for a year or more a well-deserved vacation in some special place, but the current expenses or our credit card drafts make it impossible for us to fulfill that dream. Although many agencies offer monthly payment packages, it is still sometimes difficult to fulfill them. Therefore, the digital era of cryptocurrencies allows us to have financial freedom by having an alternative means, either in full or in installments, payable without government restrictions, or interest or fees, only the transaction fee and that's it. Best of all, it is universal, what we pay in our country is as valid as in another, since the prices and market values are so established. Add those regions where the availability of credits or microcredits for enjoyment is only available to a single sector of the population, limiting access to enjoyment and pleasure to only a few. The digital era removes that curtain and allows more people, even with limited resources, to have access to a global medium for their vacations or tourism.

So don't worry and take care of it.

          Don't worry about how to pay for your next vacation, do not limit yourself and allow yourself to enjoy or plan what you want so much. Get busy looking for these digital alternatives (airlines, lodging and excursions) and from now on take those days you want so much in the place of your preference with your digital assets.

Crypto tourism is already waiting for you.

Irving Arrieta