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Custom Cryptocurrencies for customized services

Nov 4, 2020

           The market is a hard world where every business works nonstop to have a place and take some of the attention from the overwhelmed client that is constantly surrounded by thousands of possibilities, products, and services that are also pulling to their sides. Understanding how societies work now we can conclude that the market strategies that actually work nowadays are centered on two things: personal and fast experiences. But then once again, how can custom cryptocurrencies help our business reach our clients more effectively?

We got to move faster

           Have you noticed how it seems that days are shorter every time? As if doing the same things you did before now feels like a race in which you run very fast or you slack down to lose? Well, you are not the only one: Society moves a lot faster now than it did before, between technological advances, huge amounts of information to process and constant competition between parties whether philosophical, political or religious the society has the urge to rush and try to catch up with everything and stay on top.

All of this social-psychological behavior is transmitted to the market ecosystem. Now creating products, offering services, or even entertaining has become a race against time. So, we got to move faster understanding that one of the main keys to functional marketing is prompt attention. In order to give a good service to the customer, and earn popularity it is not enough to attend people with kindness, not even offer the best product there is, but it is also necessary to attend him quickly so that the buying and selling process is smooth and happy without further interferences and excessive bureaucracy.

Custom cryptocurrencies are in this case not only a simple alternative to pay but to pay faster and secure since it’s based on a technology that was made easy up transactions among people. The excellent quality of a product could be ruined if the customer is made to wait too long or if transactions aren’t made easily. There is nothing worse for the customer than having to wait too long, either to be served, to have a product delivered, to have a service provided, or to pay you.

Being able to create our own payment system through Blockchain technology is equivalent to creating simple and efficient processes: the simpler and more efficient our processes are, the faster we can serve the customer, and the happier they can be with us. As we all know the best example of a simple and efficient process is one that involves the use of an Internet platform or a smartphone application that allows us to take customer orders before the customer visits our store, make their payments right on their table, or allow them to pay from any place in the world, all of this can be achieved through digital coins.


Everyone loves to feel their time is taken into account


Create customized services

           Quick attention is a wining move, but as a second point: who doesn’t like to receive customized services? Making the customer wait too long could be enough reason for them to stop being your customer, but treating your customer like if they don’t mean anything to you will cost your reputation for life.

We've all received a surprise email from a brand we've bought from in the past and it hasn't felt very good because of the feeling of being watched or perhaps feeling that it’s just some general information that doesn’t concern you in the least. This feeling usually comes up with this type of campaign that is created for the general public but is not made for specific people and let me tell you: people like to feel special.

With custom cryptocurrencies is possible to create more personalized marketing attracting potential customers with services that are adapted to their needs and particular characteristics, bringing great benefits to both the company and the customer, since by creating an appropriate service or even advertising message, the customer will feel valued by the company and will make them loyal, the company will obtain a greater number of sales and greater visibility.

For example, by creating time-bound offers with the tokens you create and release into the market you can create different campaigns and offer services made for specific people that can identify with you. Customizing your service means reaching people more personally and allowing them to reach out to you faster while obtaining a sensation of special attention and value.

Mary Schwartz