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Educate your followers about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

Feb 28, 2020

“Teach your followers about crypto and blockchain technology and become an influencer today!”.

After we have become, in some degree or another, crypto enthusiasts and we come to the understanding of blockchain technology we also become conductors and the teachers of those who are around us, we become the exposers and the influencers, in the labor of helping this movement reach a faster growth and mainstream usage. I believe this is a position not everyone takes so seriously, but let me tell you that you can be part of the success of it if you aren’t only a user but a teacher and help educate other people about the possibilities and the multiple usages of blockchain and the security, freedom, and equality that cryptocurrencies can bring.

If you have accepted this challenge then the next question is: Who should I teach and how can I teach them? The answer is easier than you thing.

Who should I teach?

Those who have read me will know that I always come around the subject of the family, some may still don’t understand how these two subjects: Blockchain and family, connect to one another. I would have to start saying that the blockchain technology works basically as a network of connections meaning that is possible thanks to the participation of people looking for the same good, for me, this sounds a lot like family.

Then, to answer the question about who should I teach, I think the right answer is that you should start with your closest ones. I have had long conversations with my father about crypto and how it works, even drawing graphics on paper for him to understand better, and we have had a lot of fun talking about all of the subjects that go along with the technology. This has ultimately help me understand blockchain better and also get better at explaining others what’s this about. Then it serves two purposes at once, apart from giving you the support of your family for the projects you start, like a crowdfunding campaign and the creation of your own token.

Despite sounding a little bit too general, the other group of people that figure in the list are the curious ones. Why? Well, because knowledge always comes through the curiosity we show into learning more about life, technology or money. A way to find this kind of person is principally through forums where they ask questions: You can join those kinds of forums and answer to questions you know. Also the comment sections, you can find this kind of section in diverse places, social media platforms, blogs where people write articles or youtube videos. Those places become a really smooth chat place for learning and the nice thing about it is that you can also learn a lot by just reading what the people say and the kinds of questions they have.

How should I teach?

This question is completely related to the people you are teaching, for example, if we are talking about family and close friends, maybe a casual conversation at a table would do, composing a few graphics on your own, or showing them a video you found interesting. But in the internet world, there are many ways.

You can start using your social media accounts. We all have one, whether you have Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, twitter or a youtube channel, those are the places that talk about you the most in the internet world for which they are perfect to let people know your interest for cryptocurrencies.

“knowledge always comes through the curiosity we show into learning more about life, technology or money. ”.

We can never forget the power of memes, even though some people downgrade memes, they have become a strong method of communication in the modern society, and they have come further than just entertainment or fun. Memes are how people absorb the news and any kind of knowledge faster and easier. Using memes can be a good way to start curiosity among your group of friends and to also create conversations and comments that will give you the chance to show your understanding of the subject.

When you join forum platforms like Reddit you can also become an influencer by winning people's acceptance and upvotes through your asserted answers, your personality and the pedagogy you use to show others or explain a difficult subject.

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Was this useful? Hopefully, you will start today sharing the tokenization news! Teach your followers about crypto and blockchain technology and become an influencer today!

Mary Schwartz