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How to use tokens to crowdfund for charity

Sep 5, 2021

           Many are those who get into the crypto world because they know they can monetize personal projects and get ahead with a business making smart investments, but token making and cryptocurrencies aren’t only a place to make money and forget about the rest of the world.

Tokens are meant to bring a new approach to the world where every person can have a place and earn support to develop their ideas. It's in the most direct send of the word: real equality, as never seen before. There is a problem, though, it seems that we have forgotten this, and in this article, we want to enlighten people about the importance of being generous and allowing people to use tokenomics in favor of charitable reasons.

Why should I be generous?

          The dictionary defines charity as generosity and helpfulness, especially toward the needy or suffering. It is indeed an ability we should all have. Being generous helps you detach from things: the more attached you are to something material, the more unhappy you will be. The process of detaching yourself from the need for material things frees you, decreases your stress, and gives you happiness.

Being generous also teaches you to be grateful for the things that you have. We can often get upset about the things that we are lacking, but being generous can bring us again into the perspective of admiring what we have in comparison to others because there are people who don't have what you have and there are reasons to be grateful about the card destiny gave us to play with.

Last but equally important, being generous can give you a sense of purpose: Do people really feel good when they keep all the good to themselves? the truth is that most people, even those who aren't used to serving and helping others, can feel gratification from delivering good to those in need. Because we feel like our lives are meaningful to others.

We usually believe that this "emptiness" we feel as human beings can only be filled with "auto-rewards", but those auto-reards, on the contrary, can increase the feeling of emptiness in you. Being generous lets you see the world and change it with small actions. Having a sense of purpose in your life and serving others will help you feel more fulfilled and complete.

Token creation and charity

          Well, we have talked about what charity is and how it can be manifested through small actions, now let's talk about what token creation does to help.

Cryptocurrencies have one amazing characteristic that makes them so valuable and useful, and that is the fact that people, from everywhere in the world, can have access and enjoy the benefits that it provides. No other crowdfunding platform can offer the opportunity for people to deposit and give help directly with their home currencies from every place in the world.

Token creation can allow people to create campaigns to crowdfund for their needs, without the need of specific identification, country of providence, or bank accounts. All that a person needs to participate is an internet connection.

People don't need to wait for anything, they can enjoy what they have with more freedom and put it in what they really want. Perhaps taxes are an example, would you rather give the government your money and let them use it however they want? Why don't you take the lead and use your money to crowdfund for a cause that you really love? digital tokens can give people this chance.

Everyone is welcome

          Yes, another amazing advantage of token creation is that it doesn’t matter what your cause is, there will always be space for you. Imagine that what you want is really to support an animal shelter. Crowdfunding for charity through tokens can give you the chance to choose who you really want to give your money to and what cause it’s the most important for you.

If you are the one creating the campaign you are welcome to give it the reasons that you consider worth it and let the followers get convinced by what you show them. Perhaps cases, people’s stories, moving stories of people who want to find a place to live or get surgery.

Even something a little bit less heartbreaking, since people have all kinds of needs that go from getting a graduation trip to having the money to pay for the production of a short film. Whatever it is, as long as you communicate to others and convince them of the importance of your campaign there will be people willing to help you.

Here are some examples for token campaigns for charity:

-Campaign to foster kittens temporarily until they get a home

-Campaign to rebuild school for kids with special needs

-Campaign for audiovisual production and documentary on mental health awarness

-Campaign to help a family in need get a home

Let's welcome those in need to the token world and invite others to support without expecting anything in return other than self-fulfillment.

Mary Schwartz