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"I was scammed!!" How to avoid this unpleasant side of crypto.

Dec 7, 2022

           O.M.G! It can't be that I lost my time and my money, I was scammed, I was robbed, they warned me about it and I didn't take the advice; cryptocurrencies are a scam and you would lose your time and worse, your money. If that is the feeling you have right now, relax, you are not the only one, the market is in crisis and investors are fleeing, but did you really lose your investment, were you scammed or robbed? Let's put the above aside and take advantage of the situation to learn what to do next.

First of all, calm down, although it is true that we are in a difficult period, this was coming, since the end of last year it was already predicted (and we announced it) that we would be in a "crypto winter", a long period of recession and contraction in investments, but not due to scams (these have other causes). World economic recession, falling commodity prices, the war in Europe, rising interest rates in the United States, in addition to the fall of the stock market and increased capital risk. All this is nothing more than a cocktail that obviously affects the management of blockchain technology and its derivatives such as cryptocurrencies.

It is important to know the causes and not just the consequences; all of the above affected the different investments in cryptocurrencies and the new projects or those that had been promoting large profits found themselves with a lack of liquidity due to the fear of investors who prefer to retain capital rather than invest it. That is why, as we have always said, it is necessary the study and training that each individual does to learn where to place their investment and be in those that offer solidity in their viability and technical and operational feasibility; projects that actually offer and provide a solution to a particular task.

You cannot invest without knowing, studying and analyzing the market. If you act on impulse, sayings or comments, you will be set for failure and risk the loss of your capital as has happened recently. Many projects that did not have any technical support, nor provide a real solution to any problem, only offered high returns with a small investment and short-term returns. These SCAMs that appeared in the market when the market was rising, it was just like foam, effervescent for a moment, but soon it will dissipate, and when the markets are down as now is when it really comes out its true liquidity and strength (ie nothing).

So, is there any benefit to this year's market downturn, despite the millions of dollars in financial losses it has left in the thousands? Yes, and I hope that you are one of those who can benefit. It allows, as we were saying a moment ago, the space to study and know the market, to see the most sustainable projects and those that were only taking advantage of fishing when there is abundance but did not offer anything tangible to the community. We could still say that others are yet to fall, but this will only clean the area for the future, it will leave the true essence of sustainable projects and not those that are not.

Therefore, beware of those who offer high returns in boom times and then disappear, of the so-called influencers or media that encourage you to place your investment in this or that system, without first reading about its age, its market capitalization, the solution it provides and the technology behind the scenes.

Today many, including governments, are instilling fear in society in order to remove competition such as cryptocurrencies; since governments see it as a risk because they cannot control them and because they are not subject to any central entity; hence the campaigns that only show the fall of cryptocurrencies as a failure and a scam but do not even explain the reasons for the current capital losses or the falls of each stock exchange of each country in the face of the global recession.

That is why we invite you now, before the end of the year, to know which projects can help you when the market starts to rise again in 2023. We want you to prepare for the future and not stay with the current image (while others take advantage of the down market to get assets). We ask you to get to know serious projects that will last in spite of the current roughness.

Irving Arrieta