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MintMe predictions for 2021

Jan 19, 2021

           New Years' always brings more challenges but it also can reward us with the thought of new possibilities and the chances to fulfill many plans and achieve goals that we have planned for a long time. MintMe is indeed one of those projects that figures promising among others.

          Because not only is the year of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based projects but also because it offers real solutions to problems in the realm of crowdfunding, money transactions, independence, payment convenience, reaching a worldwide audience, international business agreements, selling and buying online, supporting independent new artists and creating spaces to favor new coming projects and personal initiatives.

Let’s make a list of what we believe could be the future of MintMe for the new year 2021:

  • Growing in popularity: Going mainstream and becoming more popular is an important step that we expect and have also experienced during the course of the past year. As new people get to discover the possibilities of token creation and fall in love with the amazing set of characteristics behind it the community grows, which also helps MintMe grow in reliability.

  • Getting listed: Many are those who wonder about this subject in our community, talking about MintMe Coin’s listing on important sites. Here is when popularity connects so well, depending on MintMe’s popularity our possibilities to get listed are also higher as more people get interested in MintMe Coin and want to buy and sell.

  • The price boosts: The price going up is also a response to higher exposition, the more people get to know about MintMe and the more they get interested in the services offered the more MintMe is revaluated. And this is the principle used as well for the value of customized tokens created, depending on the project behind it and its popularity in the market the price can boost with its scarcity.

  • Competing in a wider market: Every great Altcoin started small, there is a time when the competitiveness of an altcoin seems low, yet what makes a coin have value is the possibilities it has or the value of the projects behind it. MintMe Coin’s principal purpose is to sustain the MintMe platform for crowdfunding, token creation, and trading which gives MintMe great reasons to grow in value and become real competition for other high-caliber coins, even for those with a similar purpose.

What should make us look forward to a project and invest time and money in it, is the potential that it has to become more important over time and have sustainability. MintMe, although new and in constant development, it's a great idea with the biggest potential that has not stopped growing since day one. With a clear vision of the possibilities of greater growth in the future and greater profit for early adopters, we set our predictions for the new year!