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Tokens and livestreams

May 15, 2020

I’m always surprised when I see how many things we have discovered the last few months, we never stop changing and creating, engaging with the environments and taking the best out of life situations, we end up discovering new ways to make art, to express ourselves and most of all: new ways to make business and share meaningful information. We have discovered how different technologies can be used in diverse ways that we didn’t imagine before, or that were not as popular. Advances and developments that are as functional as fun. Now it seems that everyone is talking about blockchain, tokens, webinars, or live-streams as if it was something new when in truth they have been around for a while, but the good thing about this is that it's evident we are just starting to see the many possibilities behind existing technologies.

The livestream world

Have you noticed how much people have grown fond of live- streaming? It is a very curious phenomenon. Even though we live in the Internet era and everything gets to us immediately, just as fast as we blink, people still wanted more. No, we don’t only want to experience or attain information after a second, we want It right when it’s happening. Live streaming refers to online streaming media which is being simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real-time.

Facebook Live, Periscope and many other platforms now offer people the opportunity to share what is happening in real-time and it is not a secret for any of us how popular this has become even more now during the quarantine. Since everyone is sending information of all kinds and the media is full we never seem to stop scrolling down and down, but then there is something innovative about being able to share something that is happening right now.

But of course, we have to get into perspective, before I mentioned that we have discovered new ways to make business and share meaningful information, and this is what is it about, not everything is about non-profitable entertainment. But then, I’d like to talk about how can blockchain and tokens once more take over another subject of big importance and how they can help us grown in trust and security.

Youtube and Twitch: We prefer it live!

To start talking about tokens I’d like to make a brief reference around the subject of “gaming” because for some reason the crypto community seems to be very fond of it (No kidding) it’s because they are the more up to “today” always, I know, cause I like games too. Twitch has been the undisputed king of online video streaming for a long time, but YouTube hasn’t stay back, they have developed a fully functional live system. Both platforms offer people the change of monetizing their content based on how many subscriptions they have and how much money they donate. But there is bad news: for standard contracts, streamers on Twitch give up 50% of their gains and YouTube takes 30% still including adds. This sounds like a lot of money right?

We can’t deny the opportunities both platforms offer in terms of live streaming but what If I could tell you that there is a way in which you can make money while you share your content without paying any hi fees and using your own personalized coin? Well, yes. This is possible when you use tokens.

Tokens for everyone

Token creation has become the newer way to make money from home, monetizing your projects and personal initiatives. Because tokens can become your own money, the coin you use to receive donations from all of your followers, it doesn’t matter where they are. The money you can withdraw fast and have access to without paying a huge percentage on fees to any platform.

Most of all, by using tokens you are also giving yourself the chance to participate in any platforms for streaming that you want and still be able to receive donations, so you don’t need to be a gamer in Twitch or joke around in Youtube. You could create a video conference in Zoom or Instagram about some important subjects that you’d like to teach people about: Music, art, marketing, communication skills, literature, and get monetized through MintMe by creating a token.

However, you don’t need to share your valuable information only based on donations if you don’t want. You could also share a link to a video conference only to those who have made a transaction for example, or offer privileges to those who have brought your tokens: maybe offer them a few more minutes of consultancy in your master class or a personal interview with you, or exclusive digitalized material to study in your online seminar or webinar.

You can create digital coins in a few simple steps through and start today. For tokens the possibilities are multiple, I invite you to discover more and be part of an always-changing generation towards better living, security, and freedom.

Mary Schwartz