Mintme News

MintMe release

Jun 4, 2019

MintMe is finally here!

The place where you can earn while supporting others.

Now you have access to the very new crypto trading platform where you can mint your own token, completely for free. You can trade with it as a digital asset, and exchange for other cryptocurrencies within our platform, supported by the decentralized and egalitarian distributed blockchain Webchain. Getting real support for your projects is now a dream come true, with its innovative way of crowdfunding that allows both sides to earn and it’s social interaction system in which you will be able to meet other people that share the same interests as you, advertise your personalized token and earn money.

MintMe is for now in BETA phase, but all functions available to you should work fine. We are now busy adding many additional features, most prominent:

  • Social interaction
  • Tokens created as smart contracts on the blockchain
  • Better communication between token creators and supporters
  • Many more features and fixes

It’s time for mutual support!