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Monetization and new loyalty program model

Dec 17, 2019

A challenge that faces every new internet business is determining the best monetization technique. Namely, either they will accept cryptocurrency or will start researching the different existing options. The options are limited and the need for monetization can not be avoided.

Needless to say, the main reason to go into business and start new projects is the dream of financial independence. The current model allows only a subset of those dreamers to fulfill those dreams and this is why proposes a solution. A new middle ground.

The Current panorama:

Being someone who went this way before, I can testify that it was a nightmare. Initially, you have to decide which kind of fees you are able to pay and is comfortable with. Furthermore, you have to deal with gateway approval issues and banking approval, and before all of that, you need to take care of licensing details and VAT in your country of operation. And you are supposed to cover all of those expenses out of pocket, without any monetization or income from your infant business.

And, to be fair all of this excessive regulation is necessary in the real world. Society needs it for a number of reasons, not just to stop criminals from money laundering, but also to predict tax income and determine the state of the national market. Yet, the main issue persists; which is that the amount of this regulation is a deterrent to innovation and it's monetization.

Exploring options:

But it's not all dark, for some time now, anyone can accept cryptocurrency in their infant business albeit automating the process is a little bit complicated but manually approving each sale and using some ready-made tools by industry pioneers made it much less of a hassle.

Even though the most problematic aspect of using cryptocurrency is the relatively limited adoption and penetration of cryptocurrencies. Also, the hidden fees and manipulation from service providers like Coinbase and Bitpay.

Striking out credit card payments and cryptocurrency this only leaves any new shop owner with the impractical option of POD (pay on delivery) which is problematic and limiting for a million different reasons.

The middle ground

The core service of mintME exchange is a crowdfunding solution where users can mint their own tokens. Those tokens are then sold to interested investors or backers. But this is not the only way one can use the services provided by our platform. As simply can be used as a payment platform of sorts. In addition to the bonus of easily determining the most loyal customers as they'll have the most of a shop's tokens. A program can be devised to exchange those tokens for discounts, services or exclusive rewards for loyal customers.

Why should I use mintME

If you observe most credit card fees you'll find it either a flat fee plus percentage in addition to a hefty one-time payment in some cases.

Also, fees collected by crypto payment providers are mostly flat fees, percentage or a combination of those two.'s fees which range between 0.1 and 0.2% are almost free which not only gives an edge in this emerging market, it also gives you as an entrepreneur an edge as you get more revenue for your products and it also makes you an early adopter of our revolutionary new platform.

Written by: Moe