Mintme News


Release notes 1.6

Apr 7, 2021

Version 1.6 just came out fresh out of the oven full of features and bugfixes. We have big plans for the future so keep an eye out for upcoming updates, and also don’t forget to promote your token. Remember to read about our past releases 1.5, 1.4, 1.3 and 1.2 if you haven’t before.


Main features

- Share post feature and titles for posts
Supporters can now share creator’s posts on Twitter, and token creators can optionally give rewards to whoever shared the post. The tokens rewarded are taken directly from the token creator's balance, and supporters can claim the reward only once per post (it can still be shared multiple times). Additionally, posts now have titles and were moved to the token area.

- Airdrop's referral program
Users who have claimed your airdrop now have a reason to keep spreading the word about it - they will receive half the airdrop reward for each user that registers through their referral link. It means each token creator received their own airdrop referral program for their token!

- Web Hosting
You now have access to MintMe friendly web hosting at It’s free for 7 days and very cheap (3 usd a year for basic account) later on. You can pay with MintMe Coin if you prefer. We invite all crypto projects to join us. All money spent there will go straight to MintMe development team.

- Set initial sell orders during token creation
You can now set 15% of your tokens for sale when creating a new token with prices automatically set from 0.1 to 10 MINTME. You could set your sale orders manually instead and customize your pricing if you like as you did before. It means token creation became even easier for new users.

- Token activity feature
You can now see some selected token activities on the main page in real-time. It better shows true size of MintMe service for potential MintMe Coin holders.

- Required phone number for airdrop
We now require users to enter their phone numbers to claim airdrops. We do this for security purposes and the number won't be visible to others. Other account functions are still working fine even without a phone number but we recommend going through phone verification anyway.


Additional features

  • Implemented Twitter API for airdrop feature
  • Access control to MintMe functions
  • New notifications
  • New API functions
  • The number of active orders a user can have is now limited
  • Added "What's next" instructions
  • Balance of not deployed tokens in wallet equal to 0 is now hidden
  • Validation for withdrawn Web Fee for token deposits
  • Direct link to airdrop modal
  • A better "banned-word" detection system
  • Envelope icon for people without tokens is not hidden anymore
  • Optimized sold on market performance
  • Market volume now also contains donation volume
  • Withdraw address now checks discrepancies with the contract address
  • Airdrop front-end validation for posting links
  • Small changes in the phone number field
  • Added recent free posts, top holders list, and statistics to text-only view
  • Cancel all active orders for already blocked tokens
  • The panel should automatically cancel all pending orders for blocked tokens
  • Added a link to the explorer in token settings
  • Gas Limit for token withdrawals
  • Estimate gas fees for token transactions
  • Change description edition
  • Change the link in notifications about new post
  • Change token creation GUI
  • Redirect to the token area instead of the main page
  • Migrate deployment script to Deployer
  • Use an accurate token symbol
  • Parameters for custom eth tokens have to depend on decimals allowed
  • Auto-detect client's environment language
  • Improve log in and sign up origin page feature
  • Discern eth and mintme tokens in the API
  • Deal for donation
  • Increase the limit for posts
  • Explorer and Pool features



  • Blacklisted nickname behavior fixed
  • Fixed wrong login behavior in the Spanish version
  • Add token creator menu to single post view
  • Deploy token broken behavior now fixed
  • Function to add ETH token fixed
  • Wrong Active orders value after token creation now fixed
  • Solved Wrong trading page pagination
  • Base and quote inverted in deletion of orders for tokens (API v2 only)
  • Base and quote inverted in the creation of orders for tokens (API v2 only)
  • An approximate amount of tokens was not shown if not enough funds to purchase
  • Wrong redirection when visiting internal pages as guest now fixed
  • No place to enter 2FA code after login fixed
  • Withdrawal fee for eth token
  • Huge amount of requests
  • Polling on token view
  • Additional rounding checks
  • Participate airdrop button is active for elapsed (outdated) airdrops
  • "Create post" form is visible on guest view
  • Change the color of the toggle switch button
  • Progress circle does not fit for tokens based on ETH
  • FAQ is not working
  • The screen jumps on mobile
  • Token description visible for owner of the token only
  • The wrong redirection in the airdrop participate link
  • Orderbook request - depth parameter not working (API V2)
  • Notifications errors
  • /dev/api/v2 500 error
  • Donations are wrongly recorded
  • Instance doubling in the top nav
  • 500 error on prod for some API requests
  • Removed empty space in token settings
  • The tab key on the trade page does not work as expected
  • Duplicate orders
  • News works in English only
  • Disable save button of airdrop campaign if there is no at least one action checked
  • Emails are not responsive
  • Some addresses are being hidden on D/W History after blocking an account
  • Wrong behavior on the trading page
  • Email is not responsive
  • There are not-translatable sentence in some sections of the page
  • Fix missing props error in trade page console
  • Template on "Confirm token deletion" email is broken
  • Error 500 instead of 404
  • Missing email subjects
  • Error 500 shows up by mistake on the profile
  • The wrong message appears deleting a post when you are offline
  • Page 500 appears on the deleted post
  • "What now?" email content is broken