Social media hacks to promote your token

May 18, 2022

When it comes to promoting the token we have created, we are faced with the need to choose our strategies very carefully. Fortunately, multiple tools are at our service and available at no cost, and they are tremendously powerful to reach potential customers and increase the loyalty of our followers, of course, I am talking about social networks. 

Learning to use our social networks as our main communication tool with the outside world could be a smart move that takes us to the next level. Especially when we don't have the money or the team to build large-scale marketing campaigns or pay for advertising or promoters. So, by taking advantage of Facebook or Twitter we can stand out and increase our sales starting from scratch and without paying anything, but how can we do this? 

Start building a brand

That's right, it all starts with having an identity, which is the set of traits that define the values and mission of your business. That is: from the custom logo you create for your token, to the language you use, the colors, catchy phrases and ideals that drive you to do what you do. 

Having a brand identity is crucial to create a positive impression on your customers, because it gives your product or project a unique feel, it shows customers who you are and how you solve problems, and it conveys confidence and resolve. 

Set up your social networks with your identity, use the right colors, display your logo whenever you can and let your customers know what values define you. Over time, customers who feel connected to your brand become ambassadors in your community and will become an influence for others to buy your token or try your products.

Entertaining content 

A content focused on your brand is not necessarily a content that always talks about you and your product in a direct way. Sometimes sharing an interesting fact, meme or funny video can make your customers feel more on par with you. 

Share content that you can relate to, even if it's not necessarily business content. For example, sometimes a video with puppies in it to invite your community to join a livestream works better than a direct invitation. If you are a twitter user it also works to comment on a new movie you liked or a book you read. It's not necessary to jump into controversial comments or political issues, but talking about likes and dislikes in general can help you connect better with your followers. 

Share information of general interest 

As we said before, brand identity is something that also allows your followers to become promoters of your crypto project. You could start by creating video tutorials for those who are just getting started in the world of cryptocurrencies and token creation. You could also write a blog about your trading experiences or open your own discord channel to discuss new technological advances and other topics of common interest to the crypto community. 

You can generate tips with graphics in a format that people can easily share in their instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp stories. Even create interactive tik tok videos talking about the best trading sites you have used or warning about common forms of fraud in the cryptosphere. 

Mary Schwartz