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Switch to Discord for real-time communication

Aug 10, 2018

We want to officially invite you to join Webchain server on Discord. Read some reasons you might want to switch:

  • It’s where most Webchain community members meet.
  • Discord has public space moderation and management functionality.
  • We have created the channels mentioned in the list below, so that specific conversations and announcements don't overlap:
    • #general: discussions about the project that involve multiple parts of it;
    • #mining: real-time advice to improve the mining experience;
    • #trading: negotiations, exchanges;
    • #price-discussion: fresh discussions regarding WEB price;
    • #pools: official channel where pool-ops share important info. 
  • Channels for Chinese, Korean, Russian, Arabic and Spanish have also been added, so you can talk to other members in your native language.
  • The community has created a profitability calculator and it's available on one of the channels.
  • Discord allows us to moderate and manage the community in a faster way. Muting and banning can be done through quick options in case of spam. It also allows admins to define text/linking/attachment permissions.
  • You can share your own invite links to bring people to the project, avoiding you to share official links only. It has the built-in option to share temporary or permanent links.
  • Text channels support emojis, embeds. They have pinned message functionality and a functional notification system (which you can customize if needed).
  • Online members list by roles.

While we keep updating our other social media, we invite you to join Discord and keep up-to-date with real-time discussions. Click on this invite link to join.