Token minting to build successful crowdfunding campaigns II

Mar 21, 2021

           No long ago a musician friend of mine told me that she was crazy, after hearing about cryptocurrencies and having to deal with not knowing about it now she is tired of hearing about tokens and people telling her that she should get into the wave. It seems difficult for anyone who has no idea about blockchain technology and its possibilities to join such a wave and create an NFT or a crowdfunding campaign based on tokenization.

But, the thing about tokenization to crowdfund at least, is that normal people are indeed allowed this time to start participating without having huge knowledge about trading or crypto market. Because creating a token can serve very simple purposes as well as complicated. Once again, this is an invitation for you to discover how to use your tokens to crowdfund and how to make a successful campaign using the tools tokenization and offer you.

Creating airdrops

          Not every token maker application or online platform allows you to mint and drop airdrops at the same time. The advantage of having a full ecosystem such as MintMe is that it gathers all of these advantages in one place and allows you to perform any of them without having to code or do any difficult tasks.

Now, we have said that creating airdrops is easy at MintMe, but why would it help me have a more successful crowdfunding campaign for my project? Well, it’s easy: people love gifts. And people love to be able to have something original, special, and unique overall. Offering people a token of your gratitude that can be converted in the future into something with real monetary value really is a way to incentive anybody to support.

“Tokenization is more than just an alternative to normal crowdfunding, it has surpassed the usual by offering amazing tools and possibilities to people...”

A lot of people could feel invited to support you yet they just are waiting for a small push in the back to agree to action. Airdrops can also become a way to help your community feel identified with you by holding a token that will never change or perish and that will always remain related to you and that you make.

Create an airdrop campaign and invite people to perform social activities that will also help you spread the word about your crowdfunding campaign to others. Or you can also tell people that the first 100 supporters who buy a certain amount of your tokens and prove the transaction will receive a bit more as a price for being early. The possibilities are infinite and putting creativity is already part of the secret behind building a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Sharing content

          Sharing is an important word. Any campaign you build is strengthened by the content you share and how often you engage with your community. Usually, people create something like a landing page with all the significant content and leave it there, no more, no less.

But the thing about crowdfunding with tokens is that you can start right away using the money that you earn, meaning that while you are still receiving donations you can start working on your project and show people the advances.

You can create the first batch of tokens and sell them to support the first section/stage of your project or personal creation. Let people know that they can see what you have achieved thanks to their support and seeing your progress is real will help you reach other people to support you.

This part is very important because MintMe is also a token trading platforms, when we talk about tokens created, we are talking about tokens that can be traded within our platform. Many potential investors will be looking for tokens that have higher possibilities of growth in the future. Sharing your plans and the progress you have had will incentive other investors to participate in the second batch of tokens and support the second stage of your campaign hoping they can get monetized later on if you grow successful.

Another important thing to mention is that sharing content regularly can be a huge help to increase trust and reliability. Because that way people can relate better to you and what you do. Increasing the possibilities of your campaign to be found with every time you post and engage.

Tokenization is more than just an alternative to normal crowdfunding, it has surpassed the usual by offering amazing tools and possibilities to people, powered by blockchain technology.

Mary Schwartz