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Webchain development update - July 2019

Jul 8, 2019

Here’s next post in a series about development progress of our projects. Let’s see what we’ve done during the last three months.


There is a new webchaind v0.4.0 that introduces hard fork of the Webchain network. It contains two changes:

  • Added new virtual machine opcodes: RETURNDATASIZE, RETURNDATACOPY, STATICCALL and REVERT. These new instructions can be used to improve interaction between smart contracts. We will use them in MintMe tokens to provide a possibility of adding new features to already existing tokens.
  • Changed PoW algorithm from Lyra2-Webchain to Lyra2v2-Webchain. It's a slight modification that decreases the computing power needed to calculate a single hash. The hashrate will be about 2.5x higher than before the hard fork. We recommend pool operators to also increase the difficulty to 2.5x to keep the previous rate of submitting shares. This change it designed to decrease pools’ load (and keep pool fees as low as possible).


The hard fork will happen on the block at height 2,619,000. This block will be reached on 16th July. It’s needed to update your webchain-miner. We already released a new version of the webchain-miner that supports new Lyra2 variant:

 webchain-pool with Lyra2v2 support is also already available:


Due to the upcoming Webchain hard fork, we prepared a new version of mining script for CoinIMP that supports Lyra2v2 variant.

A new version of CoinIMP panel was also released: 1.3.3. Main changes are: new API requests and security improvements. You can find full changelog here:


On 4th June we’ve officially released MintMe. We spent last month on finding and fixing various bugs. Now we’re focusing on adding new features like deploying tokens on blockchain, adding list of top 10 traders and many small improvements in UX and backend. Also, code of smart contracts used by MintMe tokens is ready.


We’ve released a new version of our hosting panel that supports payments with WEB and the integration of CoinIMP miner. Our users have two additional options now: they can buy our services with WEB that they already own (in addition WEB payments have 10% discount) or they can enable CoinIMP mining directly from the hosting panel and pay for the services using earned coins.


As you can see we’ve already achieved many of our goals and we’re still working on further improvements and adding new features. Stay tuned for next updates!