Reward feature: Create your own token store in v2.0

Nov 22, 2021

MintMe’s next version will have amazing features, one of them is the reward feature.

MintMe raised 700k USD!

Nov 20, 2021

We have successfully raised 700k USD from our first seed investor.

II Tips: How can I encourage my followers to buy my token?

Nov 14, 2021

Read other tips on how to encourage your followers to buy your token.

I Tips: How can I encourage my followers to buy my token?

Nov 8, 2021

Learn some tips to help you sell your token better

Token creation to support home-based initiatives

Oct 24, 2021

You are the creator of the token and therefore you are the author of your initiative and you decide what you want to do with it. You just have to be creative and put your goals into action.

5 essential tips for promoting your token on social media

Oct 17, 2021

These tips are meant to help you promote your tokens more wisely and expand your business possibilities.

Token making to allow voting and community engagement

Oct 10, 2021

By allowing people to participate in the token market we are also giving them the opportunity to make a difference and offer a service that can stand out, while their communities and supporters collaborate in a new level of engagement.

Investing in other people’s tokens: Is it worth it?

Oct 4, 2021

This is not only a new approach to the stock market but to crowdfunding and trading with tokens.

Token creation and its expansion on the gaming industry

Sep 26, 2021

Token creation and games don't necessarily come together only inside the game. It is also possible for the gaming industry to fund or sell special features and items through token making, allowing players to trade with other kinds of rewards that go way beyond just playing.